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Household Electronics Recycling

We host electronic waste recycling drop-off events throughout the year for City of Boston residents only.

You must be a Boston resident to drop unwanted materials at our Household Hazardous Waste Days. You need to provide a photo ID, utility bill, or lease as proof of residency. We will not accept any waste from businesses. We also reserve the right to reject any materials that do not meet our regulations. Scroll down to learn more about the materials we accept. 

  • Have questions? Contact 311:

    BOSTON, MA 02201

Upcoming events

Upcoming events
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Recycling Household Electronics Tips

  • Collect electronic waste in a bin throughout the year, then, bring all electronic waste to one of our Hazardous Waste Days.
  • For air conditioner, television, laptop, dehumidifier, and refrigerator disposal, request a pickup through BOS:311.
  • If you have any questions about accepted materials, contact 311.
  • Please note: You can place furniture out with your regular trash. 
  • Before recycling electronics, see if you can donate or reuse first.

Accepted Electronics

Accepted Electronics
Contact: Public Works

Computers: desktops, towers, laptops, and tablets

LCD flat panel monitors

Printers: inkjets, laserjets, copiers, and scanners

Networking equipment: switches, routers, and servers

Batteries: UPS, laptop, cell phone

Audio and Video equipment: VHS players, DVD players, stereos, speakers, headphones

Telephones: cell phones and landline phones

Other electronic accessories: keyboards, mouse devices, cables, and wires


CRT monitors

Air conditioners and refrigerators

All other appliances not mentioned already.

If you have any questions about accepted items, please contact 311.

  • Have questions? Contact 311:

    BOSTON, MA 02201
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