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How to get a Health and Fire permit for your food truck

How to get a Health and Fire permit for your food truck

You need to get Health and Fire permits before you can apply for a food truck permit.


Schedule a review of your building plans

You should go over the plans for your truck with Inspectional Services before you start building. You can schedule an appointment to review your construction and operation plans by calling Tom McAdams at 617-961-3293.


Get your info together for the review

You need to bring a few things to the review:

There’s also a $100 annual health permit fee. If you pay the fee during your review, you will not have to pay later when your truck is inspected. We take checks made payable to the City of Boston.


Go to the review

We’ll give you a date and time to review your plans with an inspector when you call. Please bring all of your information to the review.


Schedule an inspection

Once your truck is complete, you need to get it inspected before you can run your business. Call Tom McAdams at 617-961-3293 to schedule an appointment. You can get an inspection Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.

On the day of your inspection, Inspectional Services will review you for a health permit, and the Fire Department will review you for a fire permit.


Get your health permit

On the day of your health inspection, please bring your food truck to:

Inspectional Services Department
1010 Massachusetts Ave.
Boston, MA 02218

You also need to bring several documents:

If you didn't pay the $100 annual health permit fee when you had your plans reviewed, pay it now.

If your truck passes inspection, you'll be given a health permit and a health inspector will sign your food truck permit application.


Get your fire permit

Bring your Food Truck Permit to the Fire Department for your fire inspection. The fee for a fire permit inspection is $110.

You may also need to bring your permit application for Open Burning and Cooking Operations. You need this permit if you use anything but an inline generator for cooking or to power your truck. To get the permit, you'll need a fire suppression system and a fire extinguisher. You'll have to renew this permit every year.

If your truck passes the fire inspection, you'll be given a permit and the fire inspector will sign your food truck application.

Payment Info:
  • Annual health permit fee: $100
  • Fire permit inspection fee: $110
Need to Know:

If you want to change or update your truck, you may also need to schedule a review. Please call Tom McAdams at 617-961-3293 for more information.

Your truck must meet federal and state health codes:

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26 Court Street
7th Floor
Boston, MA 02108
United States