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Boston restaurant jobs

Now hiring: restaurant all-stars! Discover your next job at a restaurant in Boston. Find respect and a place to shine, whoever you are.

You need a job. But not just any job. You want a job that respects you for who you are. A job where you get to be the all-star. Where can you find a job like that? At Boston’s restaurants. No matter your talents, your quirks, or your personality, restaurants are your place to shine. Because here in Boston, respect is on the menu. Find out who’s leading the way through the Restaurant Revitalization Program (RRP).

The RRP is a three-month pilot to provide a much-needed lifeline to restaurants as they recover from COVID-19. Restaurants in the program support workers like you with retention bonuses, increased wages, and tuition and training program assistance.

Worker Incentives

About the program

The Restaurant Revitalization Program (RRP) is partnering with local restaurants. The goal is to provide worker incentives to new and existing employees. With the exception of tuition assistance, incentives are paid to workers directly by their participating RRP restaurant employer. This program is a partnership between:

Worker incentives include:
  • $900 retention bonus per worker ($300 for 3 months), issued following the conclusion of the three-month pilot period, depending on when your three-month term employment has been completed
  • One Fair Wage ($12.75 per hour) to tipped employees for the month of November 2021
  • Up to $5,000 in tuition assistance, via a one-time payment to an accredited college or occupational skills training program with an existing Office of Workforce Development partnership
    • Please note: To be eligible for the tuition assistance, you must first earn the $900 retention bonus through your 3-month term employment. Funding is given on a first-come basis.

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Employee Requirements:
  1. Must be either a current employee of a participating RRP restaurant during the three-month pilot period, or hired during the pilot period, from November 1, 2021, to January 31, 2022
  2. Full-time or part-time employment at one of the participating RRP restaurants for at least three months
  1. Boston residency required
  2. Completion of a brief application and FERPA release
  3. Enrollment, or plans to enroll, in an accredited post-secondary institution (including a college or university, or eligible occupational skills training program)
  4. Household income that is less than 100% of Boston’s median household income

Restaurant employers

Check out the participating employers looking to hire restaurant all-stars like you! Get in touch with employers directly about any job opportunities of interest.

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