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Boston Delivers

A neighborhood-friendly delivery service powered by electric cargo bikes

Boston Delivers is a neighborhood delivery service for local businesses in Allston and the surrounding area. Instead of motor vehicles, packages are delivered by electric cargo bikes. The Boston Transportation Department has partnered with Net Zero Logistics to carry out this delivery service. Net Zero Logistics is providing the electric cargo bikes, making the deliveries, and coordinating delivery logistics. This pilot program aims to test and promote a more environment and traffic friendly way of delivering goods. 

Boston Delivers launched in September of 2023. During the first few months of the pilot we learned a number of lessons about how to improve infrastructure, policy, and operations for e-cargo bikes. We are using these lessons to to offer larger scale deliveries, expand to surrounding neighborhoods, and work with additional businesses - starting in March of 2024.  

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Boston Delivers is an 18-month Pilot program funded by The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. The pilot will run through the end of 2024. 

Participate in Boston Delivers

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How will Boston Delivers work?

Before launch, each participating business will meet with the Boston Delivers team to decide on a delivery plan.

Once the program launches, participating businesses will be able to notify the Boston Delivers team when a delivery needs to be made. A delivery associate will arrive at the business or another pre-specified location, pick up the package, and deliver it on an e-cargo bike.

How much does this service cost?

Boston Delivers will provide participating businesses in the Allston Village area subsidized deliveries Thursday through Saturday from 5 - 9 p.m. This service will cost $15 an hour, totaling $180 a week. Service hours may expand over time depending on interest.

The cost of deliveries outside of this timeframe or area depends on several factors. These factors include delivery distance, number of packages being delivered at a time, package weight, and if the delivery can be scheduled ahead of time. 

When will this program take place?

Boston Delivers will begin in September of 2023 and run for 12-18 months.

More questions? You can view in depth FAQs online. You can also fill out our interest form or email the program manager at

Boston Delivers Goals

Our Goals

The Boston Transportation Department is subsidizing delivery costs to ensure the delivery service is affordable for local businesses and non-profits. We aim to help businesses provide a delivery service where they may not already offer one, and decrease costs for businesses that currently offer delivery. This pilot program will also promote its participating local businesses encourage consumers to buy goods locally.

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The City aims to right-size delivery vehicles to better fit Boston’s streets. Many of Boston’s streets were not originally designed to accommodate large vehicles. Often, delivery vehicles stop in bus, bike, and vehicle travel lanes. This results in congestion that affects the whole transportation network.

Our plans to improve transportation

The City aims to improve safety by reducing the:

  • size
  • speed, and
  • environmental impacts of commercial delivery vehicles.

The number of delivery vehicles has grown significantly. This has led to more conflicts between pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, which has increased the potential for serious injury and death. 

How we're improving traffic safety

This pilot program will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing motor vehicle trips with e-cargo bike trips. The rise in the use of on-demand delivery services has led to more vehicles delivering fewer goods per trip. These vehicles are increasing pollution, noise, and congestion. Using e-cargo bikes for last-mile delivery may be a solution.  

Read Boston's Zero Emission Vehicle Roadmap

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