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Boylston Street

We’re making safety improvements to Boylston Street in the Fenway. Boylston Street was identified as a priority bike corridor in Go Boston 2030.

Update: A bicycle ramp is scheduled for construction in front of the Fenway Health Center in 2023. This ramp will eliminate the existing pinch point between the parked vehicles and the sidewalk in this location.

Safety improvements for cyclists and pedestrians are planned for Boylston Street in the Fenway, between Ipswich Street and Park Drive/Brookline Avenue. These improvements will make it easier for people who walk, ride a bike, and take transit to access homes, jobs, parks, businesses, and cultural institutions in:

  • the Fenway neighborhood
  • Longwood Medical Area
  • Fenway Cultural District
  • Fenway Park, and
  • Kenmore Square.

The reconstruction of Boylston Street was identified as a priority project in the Fenway-Longwood-Kenmore Transportation Action Plan.

Schedule and implementation

Changes coming in 2023

The first phase of the project (protected bike lanes on Boylston Street, from Park Drive/Brookline Avenue to Ipswich Street) was completed in 2022, with the exception of a pinch point in front of the Fenway Health Center.

In 2023, the pinch point will be replaced with a bike ramp.

This will be followed by a larger project in partnership with MassDOT and DCR. The larger project will extend the project south to include the Muddy River crossing, ending at Brookline Avenue and Pilgrim Road. The second phase of the project is planned for construction by MassDOT in 2024/25.

About the project

This project will:
  • Add new, protected bike lanes on Boylston Street. These bike lanes will connect to existing bike lanes on Brookline Avenue in the Longwood Medical Area, and to shared use paths on the Emerald Necklace.
  • Improve pedestrian safety in the area of the Muddy River by adding curb extensions and improving signal timing. The curb extensions will shorten the distance that pedestrians need to walk to cross the street.
Project Map

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