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Columbus Avenue bus lanes

In 2020, improvements are coming for bus riders along Columbus Avenue, between Jackson Square and Walnut Avenue.

We're planning to make upgrades along Columbus Avenue to benefit both bus riders and pedestrians. Aside from adding bus lanes, we'll be making updates to bus shelters and street crossings.

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We are currently seeking feedback on Columbus Avenue. Please complete our survey and help shape the improvements along the corridor!

Columbus Avenue survey

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Upcoming Events

We will be hosting Open Houses to discuss transit improvements on Columbus Avenue, between Jackson Square and Walnut Avenue.

These improvements will correspond to recommendations outlined in the Jamaica Plain and Roxbury Transportation Action Plan.

We will be hosting an Evening Open House on January 27, 2020, at the Egleston Square YMCA. We're also hosting an Afternoon Open House on January 30, 2020, at the Egleston Square Public Library. Spanish translation will be available at both events.

Open House Flier

Open House Flier (Español)

About the project

Columbus Avenue background

This section of Columbus Avenue is an important bus corridor. The street plays a key role in:

  • providing service to Egleston Square, and
  • connecting riders to the Orange Line at Jackson Square.

Nearly one third of people travelling on this part of Columbus Avenue are on buses. But, delays can be severe. Peak bus travel times take up to three times longer than off-peak travel times.

By talking to the community through the JP/Rox Transportation Action Plan, we identified adding bus lanes on Columbus Avenue as the top priority project.

Planned updates

Adding center-running bus lanes will offer bus riders faster, more reliable service. The project will also upgrade bus stops within the project scope. We plan to add improved shelters and other amenities. These improvements will benefit users of the three MBTA bus routes on the corridor:

  • the 22 (a key bus route)
  • the 29, and
  • the 44.

This project will also improve safety for people walking on Columbus Avenue. We plan to create improved street crossings and increase accessibility for people with disabilities.