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Last updated: 6/4/18

Connect Historic Boston

We’re working to connect historic sites in downtown Boston. We want you to be able to safely bike, walk, and drive to these locations.

The work from Staniford Street to Atlantic Avenue is substantially complete. Work on the Blackstone Block and Constitution Road continues to mid July.

Have questions?

Contact Kay Barned Smith at, or by calling 617-635-3868.

Current construction

JUNE 3 - JUNE 88, 2018

In the Blackstone Block, work in the Curley Plaza area will focus on the first section of brick sidewalk to be installed. There will be pedestrian detours as the work progresses. But, access to the Memorial site will remain open during the work.

Work will be ongoing to reset granite slabs, which has moved to the Hanover Street location between Union and Blackstone Streets.

There will be night work on North Street to install, remove, and reset new and existing curb where new brick sidewalks will be installed. New sidewalks will be installed:

  • from Union Street to mid-block on the TD Bank location
  • a comparable length on the Quincy Market side, and
  • at the Curley Plaza.

These work areas are defined by the raised intersection that will be installed at the North/Union Streets intersection.

Due to the beginning of the project at Parcel 9, the Contractor will complete his removal of his laydown area.  Both Blackstone Street and Parcel 9B will see enabling work start in order to advance the project on Parcel 9.  On Blackstone Street, an 1853 drainage main will be replaced as part of this work.

On Constitution Road, work continues at the Warren Street intersection for the new raised intersection.  The final corner at the southwest will start construction.  Work at Constitution Plaza pavers has been completed. The remaining section of new sidewalk from Gate 2 to Chelsea Street will continue.

Residents have requested modified parking signage on the condominium side of the street and that request is in review with the Transportation Department.

WEEK OF JUNE 11 through JUNE 15, 2018

In the Blackstone Block on Union Street, construction on the concrete sidewalk extension will begin. This includes:

  • a new concrete sidewalk adjacent to the brick sidewalk
  • new bollards at the walk's edge, and
  • new planters.

The Freedom Trail will be located in this portion of the sidewalk to provide a complete ADA compliant public right-of-way. Work will continue on Hanover Street for the resetting of granite slabs and concrete infill.

On Constitution Road, the remaining corner of the Warren Street intersection will be completed (southwest corner). Some utility work to adjust a catch basin and install hydrant piping will be completed. 

WEEK OF JUNE 18 through June 22, 2018

Work in the Blackstone Block during this week continues with the installation of the new concrete sidewalk adjacent to the brick sidewalk for an expanded pedestrian travel path. Work on Hanover Street continues to complete the work on the granite slabs and crosswalk at Marshall Street.

Work on Constitution Road will be focused on the Constitution Road/Chelsea Street intersection.

About the program

The initiative between the National Park Service and Public Works is funded through a federal Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) grant. We’re also working in coordination with:

We’ve already started construction on the project, and we are scheduled to finish all work by mid 2018. The general contractor for the first phase of the project is P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc., of Hyde Park. Contract work under this construction will be complete in by November 15, 2017. Phase 2 work, the Blackstone Block, Constitution Road, and Joy Street, is done by WES Construction. That work has started at the Blackstone Block and Constitution Road. All work under this contract is scheduled to be complete by July 1, 2018.

More details about our projects

More details about our projects

Sitting next to the Fanueil Hall Marketplace, the Blackstone Block represents the core of Boston’s historic market district. The roads and alleys connecting to the Blackstone Block are the City’s most intact colonial-era street network. We’re reconstructing the area to give visitors a better experience as they explore this unique urban landscape, Creek Square, and Haymarket.

Mobilization began the week of May 29, 2017, and utility and sidewalk work has begun.

The plan is to create a family-friendly, low-stress bicycle trail that makes a full circuit of downtown Boston. During Phase One of the project, we’ll  creates a grade-separated, protected cycle track along Staniford Street, Causeway Street, Commercial Street, and Atlantic Avenue. We’ll also complete a full reconstruction of Causeway Street to aid pedestrian safety and accessibility.

Work started in April 2015 on Staniford Street and continued through November 2015 along Causeway Street to the intersection of Portland Street, as well as work on Commercial Street. In 2016, major portions of work were completed on Causeway Street, between Portland Street and North Washington Street.  Final roadway paving was installed on Staniford Street, the project's portion of Lomasney Way and Causeway Street to Portland Street.  Final paving was also installed between Prince Street to Battery Street. A partial opening of the cycle track was allowed in the finished portion of the work.

Though a small roadway, Joy Street is the only direct connection across Beacon Hill from Boston Common to Cambridge Street. This project will rebuild Joy Street as a shared roadway without curbs — in Dutch, a woonerf. The roadway will slow vehicular traffic and improve the environment for pedestrians.

We’ll also focus on easing walking access to the Boston African-American National Historic Site, which hosts a half million visitors each year.  This work will be near end of  late 2017.