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Mission Hill Transportation Planning: Terrace and Parker Street

We are planning safety and accessibility improvements for all road users traveling on Terrace Street and Parker Street in the Mission Hill neighborhood

The Transportation Department is conducting the Mission Hill Transportation Project in response to community concerns about recent development projects on Terrace Street. While this growth creates vital housing opportunities, it raises questions about how neighborhood streets will evolve to support safe, comfortable travel for all road users. Community interests expressed through the development review process so far include:

  • wide, comfortable and accessible sidewalks
  • access to public transportation
  • traffic calming to reduce speeding and cut through traffic
  • safe bicycle connections through the neighborhood, and
  • public space improvements, among others. 

Terrace Street Mural

About the Project

Project Information

People traveling on Terrace Street and Parker Street today experience:

  • narrow sidewalks
  • frequent cut-through traffic, and
  • limited amenities for people walking (e.g., trees, street furniture, lighting).

The City’s Vision Zero program has identified a higher number of pedestrian injury crashes along both Terrace Street and Parker Street, as well as at key intersections in the study area. These two streets also lack comfortable walking and biking connections to mass transit at:

  • Jackson Square and Roxbury Crossing, and
  • the Southwest Corridor Park. 

Our work on the Mission Hill Transportation Planning Project will redesign Terrace Street and Parker Street. We will prioritize the safety and comfort of vulnerable road users. We want to ensure safety for all, improve access to public transportation, and enhance the quality of public space. 

Mission Hill Transportation Project Map

Planning and Design Goals

The Mission Hill Transportation Planning Project will focus on five design goals:

  1. Prioritizing walking, pedestrian safety, and accessibility
  2. Prioritizing transit
  3. Bicycle safety and comfort
  4. Managing multimodal traffic
  5. Public realm improvements

These goals will further many of the City’s goals established in:

  • the Vision Zero program, which aims to eliminate fatal and serious traffic crashes, and
  • Go Boston 2030, which aims to increase walking and biking.

Specific improvements that will be considered include:

  • wider sidewalks
  • pedestrian crossings
  • ADA compliance
  • traffic calming
  • public space improvements, and
  • safe bicycle connections.
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Project Materials

Project Materials
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