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Red Line Shutdown

The Ashmont and Mattapan Branches of the MBTA Red Line will close for two weeks and additional weekends from October 14 - 29, 2023.

In order to do track renewal, station repair work, and eliminate slow zones, there will be several closures impacting the MBTA Red Line. For the latest updates and information, please visit the MBTA project website, and review the MBTA Rider's Guide 

Closure Dates

October 14 - 29
  • Closure of Ashmont Branch from JFK to Ashmont.
  • Closure of Mattapan Branch.
Why is this happening?
  • Track renewal and station repair work.
  • Goal of eliminating 28 slow zones.
  • Full branch closure allows for uninterrupted work and fewer overall shutdowns.

Alternative Services

During the October 14 - 29 Red Line shutdown there are several alternative methods of transportation available.

These services are all provided free of charge.

  • Shuttle between Mattapan and JFK via all Mattapan Line and Ashmont Branch stations. 
  • The Route 18 bus will be free during this shutdown. 
  • Other options for riders include the Fairmont Line, connecting bus service to the Orange Line, and Bluebike.
  • Along with locating transit ambassadors at every stop, the MBTA has create a multilingual Riders Guide.

What are we doing about it

What we're doing about it

Residents should expect changes to curb use regulations (loading zones, no-stopping zones, and other parking regulation changes), signal timings, and traffic patterns along the shuttle route. Please follow all posted signage. 

The goal of the curb use changes is to reduce double parking and lane blockages along Dorchester Avenue and keep shuttles moving. 

We encourage residents to avoid driving on Dorchester Avenue and elsewhere along the shuttle route. The roadways will be congested with additional shuttle traffic.

The City of Boston is offering free passes to Bluebikes, our public bike share system. There are a limited number of passes available. Only Boston residents who are impacted by the Ashmont Branch and Mattapan Line closures are eligible. Follow these instructions to claim a free pass:

  1. Download the Bluebikes app or visit to join or log in. 
  2. Select "Monthly Membership" and use code: RL1023
  3. Fill out your information. Note: you will be charged for lost bikes or rides over 45 minutes. 
  4. Check out a bike using your Bluebikes mobile app, key, or credit or debit card. 
  5. Return the bike to a station after your trip.

The City, in collaboration with the MBTA, is accelerating the installation of Bluebikes stations throughout Dorchester and Mattapan. The goal is to provide improved access to transportation during this service disruption. Bike facility improvements are also being investigated to improve safety for new riders.

  • The City is coordinating shuttle stop locations with Boston Public Schools bus stop locations to minimize disruption to school transportation.
  • The City is looking at helping with seating and tents to ensure residents’ comfort at shuttle stops.

The Transportation Department is working to minimize the disruption to school bus operations at the Hoyt Street bus yard, near Freeport Street and Dorchester Avenue, which is the largest yard in the Boston Public Schools bus system.

For More Information

You can email City of Boston questions to For more updates and information, visit the MBTA's project page:

MBTA Project Site

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