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Hero Squares for Veterans

To honor service members killed in the line of duty, we dedicate Hero Squares in recognition of their memory.

A Hero Square is a square or intersection dedicated to the memory of a service member killed in action. We want to commemorate their sacrifices. Our goal is to educate communities about the history of service in their own neighborhoods.


How to apply

Families of service members killed in action can fill out an application, detailing their loved one’s military service. We work with the Transportation Department and Public Works to install placards.

Hero Square application

About the program

In 1898, the first Hero Square in Boston was named Dewey Square at South Station. Since then, we have dedicated more than 1,200 Hero Squares for service members killed in action. The gold star on each sign represents the ultimate sacrifice that was given. It is designated only for those killed in action.

In 2013, we created and added biography plagues at each Hero Square. These plaques have a barcode you can scan that takes you to a website with more details and photos about the service member. We are in the process of adding more information to our signs. We want everyone to learn about the sacrifices made by service members in our communities.

Hero Squares database

Learn more about the hero squares that exist in each neighborhood across the City.

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