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MGL Ch. 115 Financial Assistance for veterans

We're here for veterans and their dependents living in Boston.

Benefits are granted to qualified veterans based on eligibility conditions established by MA State Regulation 108 CMR. We can help with financial, medical, and burial support. We can also connect you with federal, state, and City benefits. Veterans may be eligible for:

  • help with daily living expenses
  • help with medical costs
  • rent assistance
  • support of dependents, and
  • prevention of homelessness.

Financial Assistance Application (MGL Ch. 115)






You are considered a veteran if you have served:

  • 90 days of active duty, one day of which is during “wartime,” or
  • 180 days of active duty during “peacetime.”

Your discharge from the military must be under honorable conditions. You can learn more on the state’s website.



We grant benefits to qualified veterans based on eligibility conditions established by state law. The main requirements for eligibility include:

  • A DD-214 Form (character of discharge or separation under honorable conditions)
  • Proof of legal residency in the City of Boston
  • Verification of income
  • Military burial help ($4,000 for the entire burial; City or town covers up to $5,000)
  • Subsidies on medical expenses
  • Decoration of veterans’ graves ad hero squares on Memorial Day

What you need to apply

What you need to apply
To prove your Boston residency, you will need to show us:
  • an apartment lease signed by you and the property owner within the last 30 days

 Are you a homeowner? We need a copy of your deed, real estate tax bill, water and sewer bill, insurance policy, or a mortgage payment receipt. 

To verify your income, we need bank statements and award letters from:
  • the Social Security Office
  • the Department of Veterans Affairs, and
  • the Unemployment Office and Workers Compensation office.
To show proof of a dependent or widow, you must provide us:
  • a birth certificate 
  • a death certificate
  • a marriage certificate
  • divorce or separation papers, or
  • adoption papers.

More documents may be required during the application review.

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