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Summer Learn and Earn Program

Looking to make money this summer? Want to get a jumpstart on your college education, or just give it a try? Apply to the Summer Learn and Earn program!

The Summer Learn and Earn program is a unique opportunity for rising high school juniors and seniors in Boston to earn money while taking college-level courses. The program also includes team meetings, academic coaching, and college readiness activities (such as campus tours and financial aid information sessions). All classes start July 10 with most ending August 25. Please note: the Google IT program ends on September 1.

The application for Summer 2023 will open soon. Use the button below to receive a notification when the application opens this Spring.

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About the Program


To be eligible for Summer Learn and Earn you must:

  • Be a Boston Resident
  • Be a rising junior or senior in high school 
  • Have at least a 2.0 GPA
  • Meet all course prerequisites per the policies of the participating campus
  • Have not yet earned a GED or high school diploma 
  • Take a FREE college course or class in the trades
  • Earn $250/week for 7-8 weeks
  • Earn 3-6 college credits or get MA State Certification
  • Fridays in person for networking enrichment and professional development activities
  • Meet with an academic coach
  • Get college readiness support


Course Title Credits Dates Description
Introduction to Marketing 3 July 10 - Aug 25 This course educates students about the basic principles of marketing a business or a product and applying these principles in the workplace. Students in the course will explore multiple avenues of marketing and branding that will focus on the theories surrounding price, promotion, product, and placement in order to generate revenue and increase customer satisfaction. Students will explore consumer behavior and reactions.
Web Design I 3 July 10 - Aug 25 In this course students will learn how to design and develop websites using the top web development languages in use today. Students will learn the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3 in tandem and apply them through the design, development and publishing of their own website as a final project.
Entrepreneurship 3 July 10 - Aug 25 This course serves as an introduction to business ownership, the steps involved in creating a business plan, and securing funding to launch the business. Students will assess a business idea and evaluate its position in the marketplace through SWOT analysis and the completion of a competitive analysis.
Introduction to HVAC No credits July 10 - Aug 25 Note: Two last weeks will be in person to complete OSHA training. 
The Introduction to HVAC course introduces students to basic HVAC fundamentals essential to working in the profession. Students will learn about the components and operation of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems. This course also covers maintenance, installation, and repair of HVAC systems and can be completed online. Introduction to HVAC is for students who have not previously worked in the HVAC field and are looking to learn the basics skills to become an HVAC Technician. Course objectives include Identifying workplace hazards, different HVAC jobs within the field, HVAC/R tools and equipment, HVAC/R basic electrical systems and components, refrigeration theory, identify different types of residential and light commercial air-conditioning and heating systems, system design, sizing, and layout, and system installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting techniques.
Google IT Professional Certification Program 6 July 10 - Sept 1

Google’s IT Support Professional Certificate is a program that helps people prepare for entry- level roles in IT support with no experience or degree necessary. Through a dynamic mix of video lectures, quizzes, and hands-on labs and widgets, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate introduces learners to troubleshooting, customer service, networking, operating systems, system administration, and security. The curriculum includes motivating personal stories from Google employees, with unique backgrounds and perspectives, who started their careers in IT support. Upon completion of the certificate, learners receive a Google IT Support Professional Certificate badge they can display on their LinkedIn profiles and receive access to a Google job portal. 

Learners who complete the Google IT certificate program will have the opportunity to share their resume with around 50 top employers who have agreed to consider those who complete the program for their IT Support roles.


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