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SuccessLink Employment Partners

Partner with SuccessLink to develop Boston’s youth workforce.

For over 25 years, we have employed 15- to 24-year-old youth and young adults at local Boston community-based organization. We provide employment opportunities throughout the summer and school year. We have partnered with more than 200 organizations to support:

  • Diversifying youth Boston’s workforce.
  • Developing youth and young adult talent and skills, and enhancing access to employment for over 30,000 Boston youth.

About SuccessLink

About Successlink

The SuccessLink Youth Employment Program is funded by the City of Boston. It is designed not only to recruit and hire youth, but also to ensure that their employment experience is:

  • engaging,
  • meaningful, and
  • a building block for their professional development and personal success.

We partner with nearly 200 community based organizations across the City of Boston. We provide thousands of youth with employment opportunities throughout the summer and school year.

Every year the City of Boston invests nearly 7 million dollars into community based organizations located in neighborhoods across the City. Our goal is to give youth early exposure to various career paths. Partnerships within this program are made up of two distinct components.

Partnership types

City Agencies

These are unique employment opportunities within City government and other quasi-City municipalities. City agency jobs should provide youth with an inside perspective of what it is to be a public servant. They should also offer an in-depth outlook of the:

  • professional development,
  • career pathways, and
  • other necessary preparation for future careers in City government.


These are mission driven employment opportunities within organizations. They are rooted in having a positive social impact that benefits communities and neighborhoods. Non profit jobs should provide a youth with an inside perspective of what it looks like to fuel purpose driven work with passion and vocation to influence change.

Partnership Benefits

By partnering with us, we will provide your organization with the following benefits:

  • Support for your organization’s vision and goals by employing Boston’s youth to work at your agency.
  • Connect with a network of community-based organizations to ensure to expand your organization's network.
  • Engage with over 10,000 Boston youth annually.
  • Expand your organization’s relationships through our network, major events, and connections to City agencies.
  • Allows financial flexibility by alleviating labor cost.
  • Provide constructive alternatives through civic engagement and workforce development opportunities.

Apply to be a Partner

Applications are currently closed. 

SuccessLink Partner Testimonials

SuccessLink employment partners

SuccessLink employment partners

SuccessLink employment partners

"Engaging youth while they are young and eager keeps them on the path to a successful future!" - Appalachian Mountain Club

“Youth employment is vital for youth growth. All these jobs help provide youth with critical experience and skills to help them excel in life! It's their foundation!" - Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

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