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Youth Work Permit Process

We have included the work permit process steps in our steps for getting a job, but we've listed all of the steps in one place here.

For jobs at City of Boston agencies, all of these steps can be completed in a single visit to YEO's offices with all of the documentation on this checklist

All minors under the age of 18 must complete an employment permit application and get their permit before starting a new job.

Complete the Work Permit Application

You'll need to start by competing the Work Permit Application.

  1. Print out the Massachusetts Work Permit Application.
  2. If you will be 14 or 15 when you start work: have a doctor or nurse practitioner sign the Certificate of Health section to clear you to work. You can also use a school or camp form from your doctor's office with a digital signature in lieu of completing this section.
  3. Once you have an offer of employment, ask your employer to fill out and sign the Promise of Employment section.
  4. Have a parent/guardian sign the application
  5. Sign the application yourself.

All required signatures may be wet signatures or digitally signed (e.g. DocuSign).

Getting Your Permit

youth work

Agencies that can issue work permits:
  • BPS guidance counselors
  • PIC Career Specialists in BPS High Schools
  • YEO's office

The permit issuer will complete all fields of the Massachusetts Employment Permit and sign the documents as an attestation that the youth has met all requirements per G.L. c. 149, §87, to be issued a work permit. 

Bring all of the necessary documents
  1. Your work permit application with all required signatures (including the doctor's signature for those aged 14 and 15).
  2. One of the following documents that proves your age:
    1. A school ID with graduation date
    2. State issued identification cards
    3. BPS Aspen (or other SIS) print-out with a date of birth
    4. Birth Certificate
    5. Passport
    6. Immigration Documents 
    7. if you have trouble locating one of these documents and were born in the City of Boston, YEO can help you get a birth certificate for free. 
  3. A document that proves you are enrolled in school. (If you are 16 or 17 and are not enrolled in school you instead need a document that proves you have completed the sixth grade). 

Permit Management

  • Youth must sign the permit document then bring it to their employer who must keep it on file for the duration of the youth's employment with the organization. (YEO/SuccessLink is the employer - please visit our office and we will issue your work permit.)
  • An employer who wishes to hire a youth at more than one location must keep a permit on file at each business location.
  • Employment permits are valid for 1 year from the signed date of issuance.
  • Youth cannot transfer a permit given for one job to another job. The process must begin again, even if the employer is the same but the work location has changed. 
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