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Heat Emergency in Boston
Mayor Wu announced a heat emergency in the City of Boston through Wednesday, July 17. Cooling centers will be open at 14 BCYF community centers Monday through Wednesday, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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Resources to Run a Successful Youth Jobs Program

Supporting youth job providers in recruiting, hiring and onboarding.

Support for Hiring and Management

Hiring and Management
Simplify the Application Process

Streamline your application process to be user-friendly and accessible. Use online platforms with clear instructions and intuitive interfaces.

Clear Job Requirements

Outline job requirements and expectations in your job posting. This will help young applicants to assess their suitability for the position.

Emphasize Transferable Skills

Encourage young applicants to focus on transferable skills like: communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management. This will be especially useful for those with limited work experience.

Age Appropriate Language

Use language that is easy to understand and appropriate for the target age group. Avoid jargon or complex terminology that may be unfamiliar to younger applicants.

No Resume Required

Avoid asking for resumes from youth applicants. It is likely they will have limited work experience. Instead focus on relevant skills, interests and potential during the application process.  

Not sure where to start? We have a template Youth Job Application Form that you can adapt and use for your own recruitment and hiring process.

Application Template

The Office of Youth Employment and Opportunity’s DEI Academy educates employer partners on best practices to elevate and advance diversity, equity and inclusion within Boston’s youth workforce.

DEI Academy equips partners with tools to equitably recruit, interview, and hire young people in a way that is reflective and representative of

  • race,
  • ethnicity,
  • gender,
  • disability,
  • sexual orientation,
  • religion,
  • nationality,
  • citizenship status, and
  • socioeconomic status.

If interested in attending our DEI academy, please please reach out to

The majority of youth employees (age 14 - 18) will have limited job experience. Jobs in your program may be their first or second experience in the workforce. Without clear guidelines and expectations managing youth employees and ensuring their success can be a challenge. Here are some tips for successfully managing youth employees for the summer and school year:

  1. Leverage their individual strengths and skills. Hone in on their abilities as they relate to the duties and responsibilities of their role. 
  2. Create a framework that will inform their learning and development. Track their skills and assess their performance to help inform their growth and development. This Job Skills Evaluation Form outlines key questions and assessment tips to help gauge their skills-building before and after the employment program.
  3. Provide a structure from the outset. Structure and clear, achievable goals will help guide their employment experience with your organization. 
  4. Support their learning, growth and development by providing continuous clear communication and constructive feedback.
  5. Celebrate their wins. Highlight their wins, achievements and successes. 
  6. Assign a mentor. Where possible you should assign youth employees a mentor. Mentors should be thoughtfully and intentionally supportive of the youth employee's work and efforts. Mentors should use a "coaching" approach rather than dictating or directing the youth employee. 
  7. Tailor your management style. Depending on the age group that your organization serves, you should align your management framework and style to better fir their understanding and life experience.


Onboarding Support

It may be hard for youth hires to make it through a complex onboarding process. The youth you employ will benefit greatly from your support in all steps of the process such as where to access documents and how to fill out necessary forms, etc. 

Support youth hires by familiarizing yourself with the onboarding process.

Youth Jobs Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Workforce Development

Prepare youth for the workforce through career readiness workshops.

Every youth employee should participate in at least 10 hours of career development throughout their employment program. Career development can be provided through your organization or through the Youth Employment and Opportunity's Workforce Development team. 

Learn more about our workshop offerings in our YEO Workforce Development Catalog. If you're interested in leveraging our support for workforce development, please reach out to and

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