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Boston Tree Alliance Program

We provide grants and technical support to community-based organizations to plant and care for trees on privately-owned land.

Update: The first round of fall tree planting grants is open through Friday June 28th, 2024.

The Boston Tree Alliance is a grant making and capacity building program. The purpose of this program is to support community-based organizations and residents  with tree planting and care projects.  The City has chosen Mass Audubon as the program’s fiscal sponsor. As the fiscal sponsor, Mass Audubon: 

  • Convenes participating organizations to collaborate on tree planting, care, and public education activities. 
  • Manages the grant process
  • Provides technical tree planting and care support to participating organizations and landowners  

The Environment Department, in coordination with Parks and Recreation and the Office of Green Infrastructure, manages the Boston Tree Alliance. 

Interested in joining the Boston Tree Alliance?

Fill out the interest form or email for more information.


The Boston Tree Alliance is a long-term tree planting and care program to support growth of the urban forest on private land.  This project aims to:

  • Reduce urban heat island impacts
  • Improve long-term public health outcomes
  • Increase access to trees with a focus on EJ communities through tree planting and maintenance
  • Reduce barriers to accessing the benefits of trees for residents
  • Build awareness and competency of tree planting and care best practices through public engagement and education
  • Advance the strategies identified in the Heat Plan and Urban Forest Plan

Two people water a newly planted tree.

Trees in the Charlestown Navy Yard

Frequently Asked Questions


This program provides grants and technical support to community-based organizations. Its goal is to create grants and build capacity to plant and care for trees on privately-owned land, with a focus on increasing canopy in environmental justice neighborhoods and specifically areas that are documented heat islands.

The City will use $1 million of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding for the first three years of the program.

The program will form a coalition of nonprofit and community-based organizations, "the alliance." The Alliance will work together to increase and care for Boston's tree canopy on private land. Participating organizations may support:

  • The identification of planting locations in environmental justice neighborhoods
  • Tree planting and care projects
  • The creation of educational materials
  • Training on tree planting and care strategies
  • Tracking of health and progress of tree planting and care projects funded through this program

The City of Boston hired Mass Audubon to be the program’s fiscal agent and convene the Alliance. Mass Audubon will co-create the Alliance governance structure, grantmaking process, tree tracking system, and educational curricula with Alliance members. Mass Audubon will not take over tree planting activities already occurring in Boston

The program aims to plant several hundred trees over the next three years during the ARPA funding cycle. The Alliance will identify more funding sources to sustain the program long term.

The Boston Tree Alliance Program's goal is to increase access to trees, address urban heat island impacts, and improve public health in environmental justice communities.

The Alliance will focus on areas where high extreme heat risk overlaps with social vulnerability.

All tree planting and maintenance will be on privately-owned land. The Alliance will identify eligible planting areas and projects across the entire City of Boston. The Urban Forest Plan’s Neighborhood Strategies data and the Heat Plan focus areas are initial scoping tools. The Alliance and feedback from Boston communities will inform tree-planting locations.

Fill out our interest form and select that you would like to plant trees on your property. Tree planting can only occur during the spring and fall. An urban forester will need to visit your property to determine tree species and suitable planting locations. You must allow urban foresters at least one annual property visit. These visits will ensure the tree survives.

There are many ways to engage with the Boston Tree Alliance Program. Everyone can fill out the interest form. We want to hear about the needs and interests of the stakeholders in the tree-care process.

Email to or complete this short interest form to ask questions and share your thoughts about the program. We want to hear if you're interested in learning more about and participating in the Alliance. By completing the form, you will join an email contact list to receive updates about the Alliance. Thanks for your patience while we work with the City and many partners to co-create a long lasting and inclusive program. We look forward to working with you!

The alliance will have its first convening in September 2023.

Boston Tree Alliance Meetings

We are in the process of forming a coalition of nonprofit and community based organizations, which is called “the Alliance”. Among other topics, this Alliance of partnering organizations will meet regularly to inform: 

  1. planting locations 
  2. the development of education resources about trees, and
  3. the overall direction of the Boston Tree Alliance Program 

Nonprofit and community-based organizations can share their interest in participating in or learning more about the Alliance

The discussion questions and meeting summaries of each meeting will be posted here.

Program Timeline Through 2024

 This timeline shows events leading up to the development of the Boston Tree Alliance program and through the program’s first year from Fall 2022 to Winter 2024.

Boston Tree Alliance Project Timeline


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