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Greenovate Awards

Our awards recognize those making an impact in climate action and environmental sustainability in Boston.

We're excited to celebrate Boston leaders who pursue climate action and help us meet our sustainability goals. You can submit a nomination today for a climate leader — we accept nominations year-round! We have information about the history of the awards. You can also find guidelines about nominations at the bottom of this page.

Please cast your vote to help us identify this year's Greenovate Boston Award winners!

Live voting

Greenovate Award Categories

You may cast your vote for nominees in the following categories. The category description are the guidelines we use to select the final winner.


Energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives are critical to:

  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • the City's goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Whether it's a single-family home, a triple-decker, or a large building downtown — every action matters. Volunteers and leaders who go above and beyond inspire others to take action and drive the greatest reductions.


Climate change will shape our City in big ways. Our response can make sure it's for the better. We can do that by using climate preparedness and resiliency measures to:

  • spur economic development and create jobs
  • invest in public green space, and
  • improve our air and water quality.

The City of Boston is committed to reducing waste. We're moving towards zero waste by increasing recycling and reuse, and diverting organics. By keeping material out of our waste stream, we can save money, create jobs, and improve the environment. We welcome innovative strategies to stop waste before it starts, including:

  • programs that reduce consumption
  • comprehensive waste education, and
  • new technologies to replace wasteful processes.

In Boston, we're well aware of the challenges in balancing an historic landscape with changing mobility needs. Public transit, walking and biking, carpooling, car-sharing, and ride-sharing are all pieces to that puzzle. Each piece plays a role in helping Boston meet its climate  goals, including carbon neutrality by 2050.


To reach Boston's climate action goals, every resident and business must help. Two priorities of the City of Boston are to:

  1. empowering residents and businesses to take climate action in their own neighborhoods, and
  2. empowering and educating youth in Boston.

By pushing climate action in partnership with our neighborhoods, we'll enable the City to adopt smart policies and programs. The City will be better prepared for climate change, and to futher reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2019 Greenovate Awards

This year, we will host the Greenovate Awards at the Institute for Contemporary Art on June 5, from 5 - 8 p.m. We invite you to RSVP, regardless of whether you’ve been nominated.

RSVP for the event


Making a submission

Annually, you may nominate a person, an organization, or a business. You may also submit more than one nomination, and you may self-nominate. Remember to provide a photo of the nominee.

Online voting

All information provided — the description of the nominee and their photo — will be used for public online voting weeks before the awards ceremony.

We display the information you provide in the voting platform. Please make your descriptions as concise as possible.

Nomination details

Nominations should describe and highlight a milestone or achievement within the past two (2) years (April 2017 - April 2019). Focus on their efforts based on our category descriptions. If you would like someone to be considered for more than one category, please create separate submissions.

Check with the nominee

Nominating someone other than yourself? Double check with the person you are nominating to assure that the information you give is accurate and complete.

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