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Streets Clean-Up Program

Joining a street clean-up is one great way to get involved and volunteer with Greenovate. Keeping our shared spaces clean allows you to get to know your neighborhood and build more healthy, resilient communities. 

The focus of the streets cleanup program is to beautify and remove trash from Boston's urbanized areas. A major component of the cleanup will be picking up and disposing of trash in the surrounding area. 

The Department of Public Works will assist volunteers with trash removal. We hope that these cleanups spark conversation about where our waste ends up and how it impacts public health. Volunteers will assist the City in posing these questions and moving us closer to the goal of becoming a zero waste city

Suggest a street to clean-up!

Have a suggestion for a street to clean-up? We want to hear from you! We will do our best to incorporate suggestions into our future events planning, so we can clean the areas of Boston that are most important to our residents.

Suggest a street

Criteria for streets

There are some criteria for the streets we choose to clean-up, in order to make these events the most equitable they can be. When suggesting a street to clean up, please keep in mind that the areas should have the following:

  1. High rates of unemployment and underemployment
  2. High rates of elderly and youth populations
  3. High poverty rates
  4. High homelessness rates
  5. Low recycling rates
  6. Documented litter

Ideally, the organizers will be members of the community hosting the clean-up.

Preparing to join a clean-up

Don’t forget to check the weather before the event! Properly dressing and preparing for a cleanup ensures that the day will not only be fun, but safe!

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Suggested to bring (weather dependent):
  1. Water
  2. Jacket
  3. A hat
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Bug Spray
  6. Close-toed shoes
  7. Pants or sweatpants
  8. Tools and gloves, if you have them
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