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Fiscal Year 2022

The Fiscal Year 2022 Budget is a fiscally responsible plan that invests deeply in reopening, recovering, and renewing Boston.

The $3.76 billion FY22 Operating Budget and $3.3 billion FY22-FY26 Capital Plan provide resources for the City's continued robust public health response to COVID-19 and sets the stage for our shared equitable recovery. COVID-19 has brought on unprecedented health, economic, and social change to our City, and this budget proposal meets that moment and makes targeted investments to ensure that Boston emerges from this public health crises better than before.

This fiscally responsible budget will ensure the City is prepared for economic uncertainties, while maintaining a well-resourced government that is prepared to respond to the needs of Boston.

Mayor's Message about the FY22 Budget

FY22 Operating Budget

  • The FY22 Operating Budget covers day-to-day expenses for the City, including people like teachers, police officers, and firefighters and services like housing, recycling, and transportation.
  • The $3.76 billion FY22 Operating Budget is balanced and sustainable, and places equity at the center of all decisions. It funds robust levels of City services, avoids layoffs, and invests heavily in post pandemic reopening, recovering, and renewing.

Operating Budget by Category

The majority of the operating budget (60%) is allocated to Education and Public Safety expenses.

FY22-26 Capital Plan

Capital Budget Expenditures by Category

This pie chart illustrates the investment allocation by category for all projects included in the FY22-26 Capital Plan. Percentages are based on capital funding sources only.

  • The Capital Plan is how the City makes critical improvements to the City's infrastructure and facilities like schools, libraries, parks, fire and police stations, roads, bridges, and civic spaces.
  • The $3.3 billion FY22-26 Capital Plan will maintain and build the cherished public spaces of Boston, including schools, open spaces, community centers, streets, and bridges. It includes investments in every neighborhood, from new parks and libraries to core infrastructure that keeps Boston a resilient city.  It also fulfills the City's commitment to dedicate over 10% of new Capital funding toward climate resilient projects. This plan will ensure the municipal, civic, and open space assets that residents cherish in their neighborhoods remain active and vibrant parts of the community.

To learn more about the budget, please visit the Operating Budget, Capital Plan, Featured Analyses Pages, and Open Data Portal.

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