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CHEC Training Programs

Community Health Workers (CHWs) provide effective community outreach and health education in community-based settings.

Meeting People Where They Are...

The Community Health Education Center offers formal training on a broad set of core competencies. Community Health Workers (CHW) must provide effective community outreach and health education in community-based settings. Training prepares CHWs to serve in a variety of functions. These include:

  • culturally appropriate health education and outreach
  • navigating the health and human service systems
  • assuring access to services
  • advocating for individual and community needs
  • building individual and community capacity
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  • 1010 Massachusetts Ave.
    Boston, MA 02118
  • Open Monday through Friday
    9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Training Programs

Training Programs

This is an 80 hour training program that introduces a public health framework to CHWs. It helps them better understand health problems from a public health perspective. These trainings encourage CHWs to gain skills on a variety of health issues that affect the diverse communities they serve.

CHEC charges a fee for training. For more information, please click here​​.

Core Sessions
These sessions focus on core outreach skills, competencies, and strategies needed for effective​​ community outreach and health education practice. 

Introduction to COEC/ Community Capacity Building​

  • Outreach Methods and Strategies I & II
  • Effective Communication
  • Cultural Responsiveness
  • Professional Skills and Conduct
  • Client Advocacy​​
  • Community Organizing
  • Documentation (Day I)
  • Documentation (Day 2)
  • Client & Community Assessment
  • Public Health Concepts and Approaches
  • Behavioral Change

Health Modules Sessions

There are sessions offered on a variety of health issues affecting communities across the state.  Most focus on public health facts and local referral resources. This way you can provide health information and referrals on a broad range of issues.

You must also take at least 16 hours of Health Modules from the following list:

  • Adolescent ​Health
  • Asthma​
  • Breast Cancer
  • Childhood Health
  • Chronic Disease
  • CPR​
  • Diabetes Prevention 
  • Domestic Violence
  • Elder Health ​
  • Family Planning / Contraceptive Methods
  • Healthy Eating
  • Hepatitis
  • Human Sexuality
  • LGBT Health Issues
  • Mental Health
  • Parenting Skills
  • Promoting Community Preparedness
  • Prostate Health
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Substance Abuse
  • Women and HIV

Community Health Workers may enroll in health modules without enrolling in the certificate program

The following local colleges award three college credits upon Certificate completion:

  • Bunker Hill Community College
  • MassBay Community College
  • Cambridge College
  • Lesley College
  • Springfield College

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars

Stay tuned! More information will be shared soon.

Stay tuned! More information will be shared soon.


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