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Lead Information for Property Owners

As a property owner, it is important to be familiar with lead, lead poisoning, and the MA Lead Law.

All properties must meet MA Lead Law requirements. They require all property owners to ensure that their properties are lead-safe if a child under age 6 lives there. If you have a lead service pipe on your property, you can now get it replaced for FREE thanks to a new program from the Boston Water and Sewer Commission. Click here to learn more or call the city's lead hotline at 617-989-7888. 

Massachusetts Lead Law

Property owners are responsible for complying with the MA Lead Law. The MA Lead Law requires properties to be lead-safe if a child under age 6 lives there.

  • Lead paint hazards include loose lead paint and lead paint on windows and other surfaces accessible to children.
  • If a child is poisoned by lead hazards on their property, the property owner will be held responsible and will need to correct the hazard.
  • Property owners cannot evict or refuse to rent to anyone because of lead paint in their dwelling unit. It is discrimination if you do not rent to someone because your property has a lead hazard.
  • You must do work on your home safely. Property owners must hire someone that is trained and licensed in lead-safe work practices if they are performing home renovations. Or, if they are trying to meet compliance with the Mass Lead Law, they must hire a licensed deleading contractor to delead the dwelling unit or residence and if the property owner or agent has some carpentry skills they can received training in moderate risk deleading, and address the hazard themselves.

Sources of lead


If your home was built before 1978, it may have lead paint. Lead paint dust and chips can cause lead poisoning. Paint is the most common source of lead poisoning in Boston.

  • We can inspect the inside and outside of your home to identify lead hazards.

Corroding water service lines that contain lead can cause a home’s water to contain lead.


Moderate Risk Deleading training is an 8-hour training appropriate for property owners and their agents who would like to address small lead hazards themselves.  Boston Public Health Commission is not currently offering trainings.  We encourage you to check back here for updates on when we will resume trainings.

Alternately, you can check the Massachusetts Department of Public Health website for a list of other approved trainers.

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