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Publications and Reports

The committees that manage the Ryan White part A funding publish several reports and plans as part of their work. Take a look at the reports that detail the work of the committees and contact Planning Council Support staff to request past reports. 

This page is updated annually.

Reports and plans

Reports and plans

The Funding Principles are guiding principles that the Ryan White Services Division uses when contracting for services. The Needs, Resources, and Allocations Committee revisits the Funding Principles annually.

The Health Resources and Services Administration requires all Ryan White Part A Planning Councils to conduct an annual assessment of the administrative mechanism. This evaluates how efficiently and rapidly grantees disburse funding to the areas of greatest need. The purpose of the survey is to evaluate the degree of satisfaction providers had with BPHC’s administration of Ryan White Part A funding. The Boston EMA Ryan White Planning Council’s role is reviewing the survey results and providing recommendations to BPHC on where to make improvements.

Grantees of Ryan White funding are required to conduct a HIV Comprehensive Needs Assessment following the Ryan White Treatment Extension Act of 2009. The assessment consists of:

1) Epidemiologic profile describing trends in the HIV epidemic;

2) Assessment of , identifying needs of PLWH specifically related to HIV care;

3) Resource inventory, highlighting the availability of HIV-related services, and services provided to PLWH;

4) Provider capacity profile, describing the extent to which current HIV providers are able to successfully meet the needs of PLWH in their geographic region; and

5) Assessment of unmet need, identifying the barriers to accessing care faced by PLWH who are not currently receiving HIV related medical care.

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) guidance recommends a two or three-year needs assessment cycle, with a schedule for collecting updated information to address special areas and support priority-setting and resource allocation activities. Please see the Boston EMA Ryan White Planning Council's Needs Assessment Reports below:

The Integrated Care and Prevention Plan is a document that reflects our community's vision and values on how best to deliver HIV prevention and care services. The Plan is a joint effort across many HIV stakeholder groups in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as seen below:

boston ema

Written with action steps that are updated every 4 years, this plan accelerates progress toward reaching the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, including:

  • Preventing new HIV infections
  • Increasing access to care and improving health outcomes
  • Reducing HIV-related health disparities

Please see the available Integrated Plans below:

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