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Ryan White Services Division

The Ryan White Part A program provides supportive services for people living with HIV across 10 counties in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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What we do

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program supports income-eligible people living with HIV. We help them receive medical care, medication assistance, and essential support services to stay in care. The Ryan White Services Division (RWSD) of the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) funds agencies within the Boston Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA). The goal is to provide services for people living with HIV. These services available include:

  • case management
  • health education
  • mental health support
  • medical nutrition therapy, and
  • much more!

The Client Services team provides program support to Ryan White-funded agencies in the Boston EMA. Support includes:

  • contract management
  • monitoring client demographics
  • service use data
  • working with agencies to maximize distributed funds, and
  • providing technical help on grant management and reporting requirements.


The Boston EMA is currently funded for Part A funding. Part A is one of 5 available funding parts provided through the Health Resources and Services AdministrationThe Ryan White Grant began in 1990. Since then, the Boston EMA has continued to provide funding and services to People Living with HIV/AIDS. Part A provides regions of the United States with grants to provide care, medication, and support services for people living with HIV. The goal is to improve HIV-related health outcomes and reduce HIV transmission. The Ryan White Services Division currently funds 13 core medical and support services. 

For more information on services and providers, continue to the below options.

The Boston EMA also receives the Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI) funds. These funds are separate and additional funding to supplement Ryan White Program parts specifically for racial and ethnic minority groups. The MAI fund seeks to prevent HIV infection and improve health outcomes for:

  • Black/African American
  • Hispanic/Latinx
  • American Indian
  • Alaskan Native, and
  • Asian and Pacific Islander populations at risk for and/or living with HIV/AIDS in Massachusetts.

The Planning Council reviewed the MAI guidelines. The Council  recommended the Boston EMA use MAI funds to provide additional Medical Case Management and Psychosocial Support – Peer Support Services. MAI-funded agencies need to demonstrate a history of providing services to people living with HIV/AIDS from impacted minority communities.

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