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Ryan White Dental Program

The Ryan White Dental Program (RWDP) is a comprehensive dental access program working to reduce barriers to dental care for people living with HIV.

People living with HIV in Massachusetts and the three New Hampshire counties of Hillsborough, Rockingham, and Strafford are eligible to receive financial assistance from the Ryan White Dental Program towards covered dental services. Upon receiving approval from RWDP staff, clients can receive referrals to contracted dental providers who are sensitive to the needs of people living with HIV and accept Ryan White coverage. All communication and records are confidential.

Please note that referrals can only be given directly via phone or email due to privacy concerns which prevent us from publishing a public list of our current contracted dental providers.

To learn more, please call the Ryan White Dental Program directly at 617-534-2344 or see our FAQ below.

Before Submitting an Application

  • Please note that new changes to the consent form require initials regarding RWDP communication. We are unable to process applications without this initialing section completed.

    • Items #1 and #2 indicate the client's communication preferences between RWDP and the client or their case manager. 

    • Item #3 refers to RWDP communication with contracted dental providers regarding billing, payments of services, and coverage status. Without this third item initialed, we can not pay for any services.

  • Renewal applications sent earlier than 30 days before the client's previous expiration date are unable to be processed in our system. If you are unsure of the original date please verify previous expiration dates before submitting applications to RWDP.

  • Renewal applications are only needed for clients interested in seeking dental services upon approval. Submitting an updated application is unnecessary until 3 weeks before clients intend to seek dental care. We ask that clients refrain from updating until they are ready to seek services to keep our processing times as low as possible. 



A completed application includes completed RWDP Enrollment Forms, verifications for positive HIV Diagnosis, insurance status, a maximum income of $75,300 per family of one, and proof of physical residency in either Massachusetts or in the New Hampshire counties of Hillsborough, Rockingham, or Strafford. Please see our full application for further details on eligibility requirements and note that we are unable to process incomplete applications. 

We aim to have applications processed within 2 weeks of receiving a completed application. Please reach out to RWDP staff to inquire on the status of an application. 

Call us at 617-534-2344 to look for a contracted provider in your area! We cannot publish a public list of providers due to privacy concerns so we can only give out referrals directly. 

Please see our Provider Manual for a comprehensive overview of which services are covered under RWDP. This can be found under “Dental Provider Information” above.

Active coverage lasts 12 months. Once approved, a client must update their coverage with a new application and new forms of verification for income, insurance, and residency every 12 months to remain active. 

Dental schools receive Ryan White Part F funding, meaning they have their own Ryan White Programs that clients would need to apply for. For extensive dental work, we may refer to dental schools, however, please note that additional paperwork may be required to enroll in their separate programs.

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