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Physical Health and Wellness

This division focuses on prevention and management of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer through a focus on healthy eating, active living, early detection screening, and addressing social determinants of health.

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  • 1010 Massachusetts Ave.
    6th Floor
    BOSTON, MA 02118

What we do

BPHC has several programs to promote and protect the physical health of Boston residents.

    Chronic Disease Prevention and Control
    This division focuses on cancer and chronic disease management with healthy eating and active living. The program and policies acknowledge that environment and inequities affect overall health and wellness for Boston residents.

    Infectious Disease Bureau
    This bureau focuses on reducing impact and preventing death associated with infectious disease. Their work includes disease surveillance, outbreak investigation, funding HIV/AIDS-related education and care, operating a tuberculosis clinic, and educating about communicable diseases.

    Injury Prevention Program
    This program focuses on preventing unintentional injuries. We focus on reduction through education, resources, and legislation. We offer behavioral strategies workshops and access to prevention resources to keep neighborhoods safe and injury free.

    Office of Oral Health
    This office provides Boston residents with reliable oral health information, program support, training, education, and resources in multiple languages. The office focuses on promoting oral health and closing the gaps in service for all residents.

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