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Boston Healthy Childcare Initiative

​The Boston Public Health Commission understands the importance that the environment plays in a child’s growth and development.

Many children in Boston attend childcare programs with educators who are dedicated to creating a space for developmental experiences that children need early in life. By providing good nutrition and physical activity in these programs, children begin to develop healthy habits that support growth.

What we do

The Division of Chronic Disease Prevention and Control works with early childhood educators to promote:

  • healthy eating
  • physical activity, and
  • reduced screen time throughout the City.

We offer learning collaboratives to promote policies for physical activity and nutrition. We also have different training series for early childhood education. 

A child eating healthy

Our Current Trainings


Welcome to the Healthy Kids Healthy Future Physical Activity Learning Session. We call this program PALS. PALS is a series of 5 learning sessions focused on physical activity. These trainings will help you use best practices throughout your day to give children in your care the best physical activity experiences. PALS is adapted by and presented by the Boston Public Health Commission's Boston Healthy Childcare Initiative. 


The PALS training meets from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on the following dates:

  • Session 1: October 19

  • Session 2: November 16

  • Session 3: December 7

  • Session 4: February 15

  • Session 5: March 15

  • Parent session on January 18 (English) and January 19 (Spanish)


Session 1

Pre-Session 1 Assignments:

Session 1 Documents:

Session 1 Powerpoint

Post-Session 1 Assignments:

Session 1

Pre-Session 2 Assignments:

Session 2 Documents:

Session 2 Handouts

Session 2 PowerPoint


Post-Session 2 Assignments:

  • None
Session 1

Pre-Session 3 Assignments:

  • None

Session 3 Documents:


Post-Session 3 Assignments:

  • None


Bienvenidos a la Sesión de aprendizaje para la actividad física de Healthy Kids, Healthy Future. Llamamos a este programa PALS (por sus siglas en inglés). PALS es una serie de cinco sesiones de aprendizaje enfocadas en la actividad física. Estas capacitaciones lo ayudarán a aplicar las mejores prácticas a lo largo del día para brindar a los niños que están bajo su cuidado las mejores experiencias de actividad físina.

PALS se reunirán en las siguientes fechas:

  • Sesión 1: Jueves, Octubre 20
  • Sesión 2: Jueves, Noviembre 17
  • Sesión 3: Jueves, Diciembre 8
  • Sesión 4: Jueves, Febrero 16
  • Sesión 5: Jueves, Marzo 16
  • Parent Session: Enero 19

Asignaciones para Completar antes de la Primera Sesión

Sesión 1 Materials

  • PowerPoint

Post-Sesión 2 Asignaciones

Asignaciones para Completar antes Sesión 2


Sesión 2 Materials

Post-Sesión 2 Asignaciones

  • Ninguno

Asignaciones para Completar antes Sesión 3

  • Ninguno


Sesión 3 Materials

Post-Sesión 3 Asignaciones

  • Ninguno

Upcoming trainings

Boston Healthy Child Care Initiative:

The Boston Healthy Child Care Initiative (BHCCI) helps childcare programs improve their capacity. We want to help them put in place policies and practices that support healthy eating and physical activity in infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children.

Our goals:

The goal of BHCCI is to promote policy, systems, and environmental change strategies in childcare settings. We want to increase the number of child care providers who:

  • provide access to healthy foods
  • provide access to healthy beverages
  • provide access to physical activity opportunities
  • decrease access to screen time, and
  • increase opportunities for breastfeeding.
Our next training:

The Nutrition Learning Collaborative begins in April 2023. Please email for more information. 

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