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Boston’s Planning Department was established by Mayor Wu in 2024 to restore planning as a core function of City government and to shape growth that serves Boston’s residents and centers their needs.

Our mission is to address our City’s greatest challenges: resilience, affordability, and equity. We take real estate actions and prioritize planning, development, and urban design solutions that further these priorities. We seek to build trust with communities through transparent processes that embrace predictable growth.

The Planning Department’s purpose is to:

  • develop comprehensive short- and long-term plans for Boston’s built environment,
  • establish a consistent and predictable zoning code for the city,
  • advance exceptional and inclusive design standards,
  • provide predictability to guide development that is responsive to community needs, and
  • plan for the effective use of public real estate.


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Redevelopment Authority / EDIC information

Redevelopment Authority / EDIC members

Member Appointed Expires Status
Dr. Theodore C. Landsmark 5/6/2020 8/15/2024 Active
Priscilla Rojas 9/13/2023 9/17/2023 Active
Raheem Shepard 9/13/2023 8/15/2028 Active
Kate Bennett 11/15/2023 9/17/2027 Active
Matt O'Malley 5/14/2024 9/9/2025 Active
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