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Help employees get to work

A strong transportation demand management plan is a great retention strategy for employers. A better commute for employees also eases traffic and congestion in Boston.

Nearly one in five employees have left a job because of a bad commute. A robust transportation demand management plan encourages employees to choose sustainable options. The right combination of options creates less congestion and stress, all while adding more flexibility. On this page, you'll find effective ways that you can help your employees and students commute.

Bike benefits

Image for bluebikes
BlueBikes corporate program

BlueBikes is public transportation by bike! You can use any of the 2,200 bikes at more than 210 stations throughout Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville. Enhance the health and happiness of your employees or students.

Image for bike to work day
Bike to Work Day

Boston’s Bike to Work Day Festival celebrates National Bike to Work Day with a breakfast for cyclists at City Hall. It's our way of saying, “Thanks for riding your bike today.” Come join us at City Hall to celebrate, join a convoy, or host and promote your own event! 

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Bike outreach

Outreach and events can be a great way for employers to encourage happy, healthy commuting. Events could include bike safety and maintenance trainings, group rides, lunch-and-learns, and commute challenges. You're also encouraged to join our City-organized Boston by Bike Rides!

Parking Cash Out program

A "parking cash out" program allows employees to trade in their subsidized parking space for cash, or a sustainable transitbenefit. Studies show that parking cash out reduces demand for parking between 11 and 17 percent.

Parking Cash Out info

Other sustainable transportation benefits

If you work in Boston, no matter where you live, you probably use many ways to commute to work. The incentives a company provides can reduce the cost of the commute and drive-alone rates.

Companies and institutions can put in place flexible, cost-effective programs. Transportation Management Associations can help put in place many of these programs.

Shuttle Bus or Van Service:

For large employers, offer a shuttle to and from major points of transit to your company for your employees. This service is best provided in collaboration with us. Shuttle service must not duplicate MBTA bus or rail routes. 

Telework and flexwork:

Working from home is an easy human resources policy to put in place. Consider removing the commute to work entirely at least once a week.

Late-night ride guarantee:

Give employees and students peace of mind for choosing to take transit or biking to work. Reimburse them for taking a taxi or using a ride-hailing app to get home when they work late.

Carpool Matching Services:

Use a software application or another system to match employees who live near each other to carpool to work together.

Car-share membership:

Providing car-share memberships gives people flexibility. Those who have to use a car during the day can do so and still walk, bike, or take public transit. The City of Boston has its own car-share program called Drive Boston.

Active marketing

Welcome packets

Make sure all new employees and students know about what your organization or company offers. Create and hand out a welcome packet that includes transit-related benefits, promotions, and local options.

Annual events

Host events to promote walking, biking, or taking the MBTA! Events such as Bike to Work Day and a step-count competition can foster healthy competition. Other events to consider include a Carpool Match Day, where employees sign up for carpool rides with each other. 

Real-time information display

Consider setting up a real-time information display. Make it easy for your employees and students to know when the next bus is coming, or how many bikes are left in a nearby bike-share station.

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