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Last updated: 7/21/17

Drive Boston

DriveBoston is the City’s program to provide parking spaces in municipal lots and on City streets for carshare vehicles.

In the pilot phase of the program, 80 spaces will be distributed throughout the City. The pilot phase began in the fall of 2015 for a period of 18 months. During this phase there was 49 spaces in municipal lots and 31 spaces reserved curbside.

The pilot was extended for one-year based on positive feedback of the program and high utilization rates of the vehicles.

Have questions about the program? Contact:

Have questions about joining the carshare program? Please contact Zipcar.

About the program

Picking locations

The City partnered with Zipcar and Enterprise CarShare during the initial pilot program. We chose the locations for spaces by examining:

  • neighborhood car ownership rates
  • average amount of miles households drive each day, and
  • access to public transportation.

We also paid attention to how close the spaces are to MBTA stations, Hubway station locations, and Main Street districts.

Finding a balance

Transportation Department planners and the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics visited a number of locations with the City's partners. We picked places with the largest benefit for residents that also had the smallest impact on street operations and parking.

How to use DriveBoston

  1. Sign up with our partner, Zipcar.
  2. Use our map to find where vehicles are located. All locations are posted with DriveBoston street signs.
  3. Complete your reservation with Zipcar.
DriveBoston map

Vehicle locations may change, so check in our partner's app for the most up to date availability and locations.

View our DriveBoston map

Drive Boston Pilot Results

Drive Boston Pilot Results

During the 18-month initial pilot phase more than 1 million miles were traveled by DriveBoston vehicles.

Yes! The "utilization rate," or the amount of time the vehicles were being used, was just above 30 percent. That equates to seven hours a day. The average privately owned car is used just over one hour a day.

The highest used vehicles were in Roxbury. Vehicles located on Dudley Street and Ruggles Street were in use 47 percent and 39 percent of the time, respectively.

To measure this we look at the average number of users per vehicle. At some locations, there are nearly 50 unique users each month. The average number of users per vehicle per month is 23 with our current partner.

Compared to personal vehicle ownership, where one or two users access a vehicle owned by a household, this points to a smarter use of limited parking spaces.