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Drive Boston

DriveBoston is the City’s program to provide parkings spaces in municipal lots and on city streets for carshare vehicles.

In the pilot phase of the program, 80 spaces will be distributed throughout the city. The pilot phase starts in the fall of 2015 and lasts 18 months. There will be 49 spaces in municipal lots and 31 spaces reserved curbside.

We worked with Zipcar and Enterprise CareShare for the program. We chose the locations for spaces by examining car registrations for each household, and average amount of miles households drive each day. We also paid attention to how close the spaces are to:

  • MBTA stations
  • Hubway station locations, and
  • Main Street districts.

Transportation Department planners visited a number of locations and picked places with the largest benefit for residents that also had the smallest impact on street operations and parking.

Have questions?
  • For questions about the program, you can contact the Office of the Parking Clerk at 617-635-3645.
  • For questions about joining a carshare program, please reach out directly to Zipcar or Enterprise CarShare.

How to use DriveBoston

  1. Sign up with one of our partners: Zipcar or Enterprise CarShare.
  2. Use our map to find where vehicles are located. All locations are posted with DriveBoston street signs, pictured on the left. Vehicles will be phased into spaces throughout the month of September 2015.
  3. Complete your reservation with Zipcar or Enterprise CarShare.

View our DriveBoston map

More information

More information

Research has shown that each carshare vehicle can, over time, remove up to 13 personal vehicles from the streets. Less cars on the road means less carbon emissions and more curb space for a range of uses.

Specifically, the goals of Drive Boston are to:

  • expand mobility options
  • reduce the number of vehicles owned per household and open up curb parking spaces
  • increase the visibility of carsharing services, and
  • provide better connections to the Main Streets districts.

During the 18 month pilot, we will work with Zipcar and Enterprise CarShare to collect data on usage and survey information from members. The City will analyze the data and use it to inform us on the future of the program.

After a call for proposals, the City selected Zipcar and Enterprise CarShare to deploy 40 vehicles each. The vehicles are managed by the two companies in coordination with the Transportation Department.

In a carsharing service, you operate the vehicle. You typically pay for the time you use it and not the distance you travel. In ridesharing services (like Uber and Lyft), you are a passenger in a vehicle and often pay based upon distance and/or time.

Both services provide mobility options for people who do not own a car and it is common for people to utilize both types of services depending upon the needs of their trip.