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African-American artists on display in City Hall in honor of Black History Month

January 21, 2015

Arts and Culture

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Arts and Culture

The exhibition is open now through February 28, 2015.

In honor of Black History Month, the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture is featuring an exhibition of visual arts from the African-American Master Artists in Residence Program at Northeastern University ( in the Scollay Square Gallery on the third floor at Boston City Hall. 

"The African-American Master Artists in Residence Program does incredible work, highlighting the narrative of the African American community," said Mayor Walsh. "Boston is proud of its diversity, and our African American community is a major part of that. I am grateful for Northeastern University's commitment to bringing awareness to history in this way." 

The exhibition is open now through February 28, 2015.

The African-American Master Artists in Residence Program is a group of visual artists who come from many different backgrounds. Their work covers a wide variety of media, styles, and themes. All of the artists in the collective are storytellers who seek to relate some part of the same ever-evolving narrative of the African diaspora. The works convey and celebrate the cultural and historical richness of the African-American experience. 

“We are excited to work with Northeastern University’s African-American Master Artists in Residence Program to present more than 25 pieces at City Hall,” says Julie Burros, the City of Boston’s Chief of Arts and Culture. “The work both helps us remember the diverse experiences of African-Americans and celebrate the creativity of these artists who convey their perspectives through the visual arts.” 

The African-American Master Artists in Residence Program (AAMARP) is a center of excellence in multicultural visual and performing arts dedicated to creating an enriching cultural environment for a diverse community through exhibitions, concerts, performances, lectures, and workshops. Founded in 1977 by Dana Chandler, AAMARP provides studio space for artists whose work has made an invaluable contribution to Northeastern University and to the vitality of the African-American art scene in Boston. 

AAMARP continues to be a visual arts resource and ambassador of goodwill to the local, national, and international art community, and remains a prominent center for discussion of the African Diaspora cultural growth and development. AAMARP is an adjunct to the Department of African American Studies, College of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The Galleries at Boston City Hall are open to the public at no charge. Boston City Hall is accessible by MBTA via State Street (Orange and Blue lines) and Park Street (Green and Red lines). For additional information, call 617-635-3245, or visit This release can also be viewed at