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Be Connected: The City of Boston Holiday Cookbook is here!

We all have cherished memories of spending the holidays with the people we love. Often, the common thread weaving through them is a special dish shared together. 

Whether it’s your “World Famous” turkey gravy, the bò nhúng dấm you loved as a kid, or Abuela’s delicious arroz con leche, food has the power to instantly make us feel at home.


This holiday season may look different, but we want to celebrate and lift up these great moments with all of you. That’s why we compiled this special holiday cookbook of our City employees’ most precious recipes and traditions for all to enjoy. We hope you will find inspiration, connection, and community within its pages. 

You can view the digital cookbook in its entirety, or see below for individual recipes. 

Happy holidays, eat well! 

A Message from Mayor Walsh

The holiday season is a time to come together as a community, connect with our loved ones, and share in traditions that have lasted through generations.

While we all celebrate the holidays differently, food and family are at the heart of some of our most meaningful memories.

In fact, anyone you ask will probably have a food they associate with the holidays that makes them smile. I know this is true for me — and I have several! At first bite, they instantly bring me back to Christmases past, and the many aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, and neighbors with whom I shared those special meals and memories.

This holiday season may look different, given how COVID-19 has changed everyday life as we know it. We may not be able to gather with all of our loved ones, or travel home to our families like we usually do this time of year. But food can help us foster community wherever we are, and bring us together even when we’re apart. Through the food we lovingly prepare and enjoy, we can create a home away from home, or a new sense of what it means to be home.

That’s why we compiled this special holiday cookbook of our City employees’ most precious recipes and traditions for all to enjoy. This cookbook offers more than just ingredient lists and instructions. Together, these recipes tell our stories, and offer each other support and connection when we need it most.

Happy holidays! I hope you take time to celebrate, relax, and savor every bite. May all your days be merry and bright. Let’s eat!

Mayor Martin J. Walsh

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