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Boston Home Center celebrates 20 years of homeownership at the 2016 housing expo

May 7, 2016

Mayor's Office

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Mayor's Office

The Boston Home Center's 2016 Housing EXPO is the BHC's signature event, kicking off the homebuying season.    

Hundreds of homeowners and potential homebuyers today attended the Boston Home Center's (BHC) Housing EXPO and 20th Anniversary Celebration at the Curry Student Center at Northeastern University.  The Boston Home Center's 2016 Housing EXPO is the BHC's signature event, kicking off the homebuying season.    

"For twenty years, the Boston Home Center has provided Boston residents with support and services to assist them through the home-buying process and through their home-owning needs," said Mayor Walsh. "I am proud that this administration has been able to expand the Boston Home Centers' services so that the City can help even more people pursue the dream of homeownership."  

The Boston Home Center, supported by the City's Department of Neighborhood Development, helps Boston residents purchase, improve and keep their homes. At the event, residents were able to talk to mortgage lenders, realtors, non-profits, federal and state housing partners, city agencies, local elected officials, city officials and BHC staff about homeownership and home repair opportunities.  

They also learned about other valuable programs for homeowners, such as Renew Boston, the Neighborhood Homes Initiative, and Imagine Boston 2030.  In addition, organizations such as Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance, MassHousing and other BHC non-profit partners were represented at the event.  

The Expo also included free classes, led by BHC staff, that helped potential homebuyers understand the financial pathways to homeownership, and helped homebuyers understand the services the City offers to assist with home repair.  

Just this past year, the  Boston Home Center announced several new initiatives and partnerships.  

In September of 2015, the BHC launched the Seniors Save program.  Seniors Save is a new, proactive program that helps income eligible seniors replace failing or inefficient heating systems before winter begins.  Seniors who replace aging heating systems with new, energy efficient systems will significantly lower their risks of heating emergencies during the winter and will also see significant reductions in their energy bills.

In addition, the BHC was awarded a $2.9 million Lead Hazard Control grant and a $325,000 Healthy Homes grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  As a result of this funding, the City of Boston will be able to address lead hazards in an additional 178 housing units, providing safer homes for low and very low-income families with children.   

This year, as part of the Boston Housing Authority's Family Self Sufficiency Program, the BHC also created a new partnership with the BHA to help public housing residents learn how to budget for and eventually purchase their own homes.  

The BHC helps first time homebuyers by providing classes, seminars and workshops on how to become a homeowner. In FY2015, 3,481participants attended 168 classes, workshops, and seminars for homebuyers and homeowners provided through the Boston Home Center.  In 20 years, the Boston Home Center has become a life-changing agency in the City of Boston, providing residents with the tools they need to help achieve the American Dream and the financial and personal security that comes with home ownership.  

Mayor Walsh also reminded residents that the Home Center's assistance doesn't end with homebuying classes and purchase of a new home. Homeowners who are facing credit or financial problems or need assistance with home repairs or other issues can also find help at the Boston Home Center.  For more information about the Boston Home Center, call 617-635-HOME (4663) or visit the website.