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BPHC Lifts Public Health Advisory at Jamaica Pond

Pond is now fully open to the public for recreational activities.

At the recommendation of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH), the public health advisory issued by the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) for Jamaica Pond on May 23, 2022, due to a suspected algal bloom has been lifted. The pond is now re-opened for recreational activities including fishing and boating. Swimming is generally not allowed on Jamaica Pond. 

The lifting of the advisory follows two weeks of consecutive tests of the pond water which demonstrated algal cell counts below the state's safe limit. DPH generally recommends that recreational water advisories can be lifted when two consecutive weekly samples show algal cell counts below the safe limit of 70,000 cells/milliliter of water. 

Analysis of testing of samples taken from the pond on June 7 and June 14 support the conclusion of DPH that Jamaica Pond is no longer experiencing a harmful algae bloom. On June 7, the level was 15,000 cells/milliliter and on June 14, the level had dropped to 9,200 cells/milliliter. 

All signs that were posted will be removed from the perimeter of the pond by June 16.    

For more information, please contact the Boston Public Health Commission at 617-530-0186.

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