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City Council honors Boston Police officers for saving choking baby


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City Council

It was a Wednesday afternoon in September when Officers Arthur Green and James O’Conner were stopped at a red light in the South End. Suddenly, a frantic man began pounding on the police cruiser. His newborn baby was choking.

Officers Green and O’Conner acted fast and responded to the six-week-old baby, who was lying lifeless and unresponsive in his mother’s arms. Officer O’Conner massaged and thumped on the baby’s back, soon getting him to throw up and make noises. When Boston Emergency Medical Service (EMS) arrived on the scene, the baby was breathing and was taken to a local hospital.

“To see the relief on the parents’ faces when the EMS said that he was going to be OK was a really good feeling,” said Officer Green in an interview with the Boston Globe.

Both Officers Green and O’Conner were honored this week by the Council for their heroism, service and bravery. Councilor Flynn said, “We want to commend these two officers for their quick action that saved this baby. We know that the baby’s parents are grateful to both of these dedicated police officers, and we are also grateful for your service to our community and our City.”

Councilor Janey said, “As a mom I know this is one of the scariest things that you can go through. Thank you for all that you do every single day, but especially for saving the life of this child. We are deeply grateful.”

Echoing what his colleagues had to say, Councilor Baker acknowledged that the Council was also honoring recipients of the Shattuck Award, an award that honors individuals for their dedicated service to the City of Boston and the Boston community. “A lot of times City workers don’t get the credit that they deserve. Thank you for being there that day,” he said.