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City Council honors lifelong City workers


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City Council

During this week’s Council meeting, Councilor McCarthy recognized husband and wife James Gillooly and Maureen Murphy as they both get ready to retire from their work for the City of Boston this month.

Gillooly is a lifelong Bostonian and resident of Hyde Park for more than 50 years, where he and Murphy live and raised two children, Matthew and Caitlin. Gillooly has demonstrated a lifetime of commitment to his family and community, which was recognized by his receipt of a Shattuck Award in 2015.

James has spent the last 24 years of his professional life working to improve the quality of life for Bostonians as Deputy Commissioner for the Boston Transportation Department, serving as BTD Coordinator for the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project, as well as working on issues such as noise mitigation, pedestrian safety, and traffic flow.

Murphy has participated in many community activities and political campaigns. She began her career with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at the Division of Insurance and then the Secretary of State’s Office. She then went on to work for Boston Public Schools as a school secretary. In 1999, she joined the Auditing Department as a member of the Change Management Team. Murphy later transferred to the Department of Innovation and Technology, where she has helped to enhance the technical skills of thousands of City of Boston employees for the last 20 years.

The Boston City Council thanks Gillooly and Murphy for their many years of dedication, congratulates them both on their retirement from the City of Boston, and wishes them the best in their next endeavors.