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City Council recognizes Black Joy Day

At the start of this week’s City Council meeting, Councilor Mejia recognized Black Joy Day and Thaddeus Miles, founder of the Black Joy Project.

"I’m super excited to honor someone who has in many ways been the bringer of joy in the City of Boston, whether it be through supporting organizations that are doing the work on the grounds [or], uplifting people when they’re at their lowest point,” said Councilor Mejia.

“Someone who has created Black Joy Day here in the City of Boston at the height of COVID when our spirits were down. Someone who understands the strength in our struggle, the resiliency, and everything that we do, whether it be through arts, culture, or creating space for Black people to recognize that they belong everywhere. That is what Thaddeus Miles has done here in the City of Boston.”

Miles, who was extremely surprised by the award said, “It is not I that do the work alone,” and spoke of the part played each and everyday by other members of the community.

Last weekend, Miles and the ICA held a weekend full of festivities centered around the third annual Black Joy Day. The free event included music, poetry and discussion around the empowerment of Black people everywhere.

“I want to thank you for taking the time to recognize and for voting on having Black Joy Day for the past three years,” said Miles. “You are my Kings and Queens before you are Council members. I understand, and I am with you every step. I understand the storm, and it is nice to see you are still moving forward as we as a collective move forward. This is about us. This is about all of us.”

View this part of the Council meeting.

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