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City Council recognizes Braille Literacy Month


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City Council

This week, the City Council voted to adopt a resolution recognizing Braille Literacy Month, which takes place in January, to promote and raise awareness of the importance of the braille code.

Councilors Flynn and Edwards who sponsored the resolution noted that in recent years, braille literacy has fallen among the blind and those with visual disabilities as a result of increased reliance on audio and text-to-speech technology.

“The work of the City Council in supporting people with disabilities have always been a cornerstone of this Body, and I look forward to working with [everyone] so persons with disabilities will get the services they need,” said Councilor Flynn.

Braille literacy is an important way for those with visual impairment to attain independence and employment. The National Federation of the Blind has found a positive correlation between those who are literate in braille and those who achieve higher education and better employment outcomes.

Councilor Edwards said, “I think this is a call to action on behalf of the City Council to access ourselves again. Are we as accessible as we should be, especially to those of us in our communities who are blind?’ She also suggested the Body analyzing what she noted as small things such as Council business cards being printed in braille.

The Perkins School for the Blind in the Greater Boston area provides children and young adults who are blind with the education and skills they need. For more information, visit the Perkins website.