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From City Councilor to State Senator

During this week’s Council meeting, Councilor Edwards said her goodbyes to her colleagues and the residents of Charlestown, North End, and East Boston. Councilor Edwards will continue her work on Beacon Hill as Senator Edwards.

After receiving well wishes from other members of the Body, Senator Edwards reflected on her time on the Council, reminiscing on moments shared with each Councilor that have through the years become her friends. She then expressed heartfelt gratitude to Central Staff and each member of her own staff.

Senator Edwards’ last matter on the floor as a Councilor was a home rule petition for a special law regarding securing environmental justice in the City of Boston. Finding and declaring that a serious state of emergency exists in the City of Boston regarding environmental injustice and climate change, the petition allows the City to establish standards for and enforce environmental justice in the Zoning Code. The home rule petition was passed in a unanimous vote.

“Time to say goodbye. It has been the privilege of a lifetime to serve the residents of Charlestown, North End, and East Boston in the @BOSCityCouncil. I will not soon forget the lessons learned & memories made as I continue to serve in the @MA_Senate. #bospoli #mapoli,” tweeted Senator Edwards.

You can watch her speech, and the remarks of other members of the Council.

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