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Cleary Square Roadway changes designed to improve traffic circulation

June 23, 2015


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The Boston Transportation Department, in cooperation with the Hyde Park community, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services and Boston City Councilor Timothy McCarthy, is pleased to announce that it has developed a plan aimed at improving traffic circulation in Hyde Park’s Cleary Square.  Components of the new design will be implemented on Tuesday evening, July 7th.  Local drivers are advised to watch for the modifications when traveling through the area.

“It is important that we work to maintain accessibility throughout these areas to ensure that our local businesses may continue to serve Boston’s residents and visitors,” said Mayor Walsh.  “Working alongside Councilor McCarthy and representatives of Hyde Park’s residential and business communities, we hope that these changes will ease congestion and improve access in Clearly Square and the surrounding vicinity.”

“I am looking forward to the successful implementation of this updated Cleary Square traffic plan,” added Councilor McCarthy.  “We have worked together to devise strategies that we expect will ease congestion and provide for increased traffic and pedestrian safety in this busy commercial area.  We will, of course, monitor the effects of these changes over time and continue to make improvements as necessary.”

Specifics of the plan are as follows.

  • New wayfinding signs will direct drivers to the municipal parking lot located at #37 Winthrop Street that provides 135 public parking spaces.
  • Harvard Avenue, from Winthrop Street to River Street is currently a one-way, but will become a two-way to offer more direct access to the Winthrop Street lot for vehicles coming from the Logan Square side of the business district.
  • The approximately 14 Two Hour Parking spaces that are currently on the north side of River Street will be relocated to the south side of River Street, between Harvard Avenue and Hyde Park Avenue.
  • New Traffic Signals will be installed at the intersection of Dana Avenue and Hyde Park Avenue, with construction taking place as early as next spring or summer.

Councilor McCarthy advocated for funding for this project which is now a part of the city’s current capital budget.  BTD Operations Division staff will manufacture and post all new signage required for the project, as well as ensure that new pavement markings are installed as needed.