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Councilor Breadon calls for her first hearing regarding housing affordability, availability


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City Council

During this week’s Council meeting, Councilor Breadon delivered her maiden speech on the Council floor, presenting a hearing order regarding housing affordability and availability for families.

“I ran for office to represent Allston-Brighton because I share your vision for our beautiful City. A City that lifts people up. An inclusive, resilient, culturally and economically diverse community that works together for the common good,” said Councilor Breadon.

Her hearing order notes that the City of Boston is facing a housing affordability crisis and that the high cost of housing is one of the leading factors resulting in families leaving U.S cities. It further explains that rising housing costs create a challenge for middle income families, leaving families with limited housing options and leading to displacement.

She said, “Boston needs to be a City with a place for everyone – our retirees who have lived and worked in the City, young people who were born and raised in the neighborhoods but cannot afford to stay, young families who want to put down roots here. As we build the Boston of the future we need to build housing for families in all their forms – our intergenerational families, our single parent families, our families with a disabled child or disabled parent, and for grandparents raising grandchildren.”

Councilor Breadon believes there are no simple answers to this solution and called upon her colleagues, the Administration and all of Boston to work together to keep families in our great City. You can hear all of Councilor Breadon’s speech online.