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Demand high for cybersecurity workers

October 24, 2017

There is already a shortage of cybersecurity professionals around the world.

By 2022, it is estimated there will be a global shortage of 1.8 million cybersecurity workers.  This week, we are looking at pathways into careers in cybersecurity.


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Closing the skills gap

Young Americans (ages 18 to 26) hold the key to closing the cybersecurity talent gap. The problem is, two-thirds of them don’t know what the “cybersecurity” profession is, or where to begin to get into this career path.

talent shortage

Careers in cybersecurity

Are you a relentless problem solver? If so, consider becoming a penetration tester.

What the job is about

Finding weaknesses in systems.


Analyze equipment, software, and more, to find weaknesses that would allow cyber criminals to get in.


“There’s more than one way to do it.”  

Pen tester Day In The Life

Like observing people and their behavior? Consider becoming a cyber behavioral scientist.

What the job is about

Keeping people from falling for online attacks.


Look for ways to educate and help people so they don't fall for cyber traps, such as phishing, scareware and pharming.


"People are the weakest link in cybersecurity."

Behavior and cybersecurity

Do you love the thrill of the hunt? If so, consider becoming a cyber crime investigator.

What the job is about

Investigating the "who, what, why, when and where" of cyberattacks.


Hunt down cyber villains on the internet.


“Put cyber armor on, it’s dangerous out there.”

Cybersecurity jobs