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Getting what you pay for at the gas pump: tips from our Weights and Measures Division

A look at how our Weights and Measures Division makes sure you get when you pay for at the gas pump.

The Weights and Measures Division would like to remind those traveling for the holidays to make sure you are getting what you pay for at the gas pump.

The octane rating per gallon or liter should be visible on each pump and must be set to zero before every use. Make sure you are being charged for the exact amount by checking the price by multiplying the gallons by the unit price which should match the price exactly.  

Inspecting the gas pump

Gas stations can price their least expensive gas as "economy."   Make sure you check to see if the gas station carries "economy" gas as well as "regular" gas. When purchasing "regular" gas, it will be more expensive.  The price you are charged must match the posted price. If the posted price is lower than what you see at the pump, the gas station is violating the law. Gas station owners/managers must check for leaks or broken pieces on the pump and hose. If an issue is found they must immediately take the necessary steps needed to repair/replace them right away.  

Finally avoid purchasing gasoline when the station is receiving a shipment of gasoline. When the tanker truck is unloading, it stirs up sediment located in the underground storage tanks. Although stations have filters to prevent sediment from getting into your car, it occasionally does happen and if it does, your car will perform poorly.

Buy the correct grade. Check with your “owner’s manual” to determine what level of gasoline octane is required for your car. 95% of the cars today require only “87 octane”. Many people mistakenly believe that their car will run better or get better gas mileage if they buy the more expensively priced, higher-octane gas.

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