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GoHubs! Pilot in East Boston - Evaluation Report

Since the pilot launched in 2021, the team has been evaluating the different parts of the GoHubs! program including Bluebikes and carshare data to guide the program's expansion plan.

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Key Findings

  • 52% of Bluebike rides in East Boston started at a GoHub! in summer 2022 -- one year after pilot kick off
  • Placemaking and public art elements are the most popular mobility hub features according to the community survey conducted by MassINC: 
    • 61% of respondents are very interested in parklets 
    • 57% of respondents are very interested in public art as GoHub! features
  • Sites in residential areas far from the subway saw the highest demand for Bluebike and carshare amenities among all the GoHub! sites
    • +110% increase in Bluebikes ridership at Eagle Hill (summer 2021 vs summer 2022) 
    • +72% increase in Bluebikes ridership at Porzio Park (summer 2021 vs summer 2022) 
    • Eagle Hill surpassed the Boston average for average miles driven on Zipcar in 2022

Next Steps

Moving forward, the team will expand the GoHubs! network across the city – bringing more mobility hub amenities to more neighborhoods. Here’s how we plan to achieve this:

  • Focus on areas of the city where plans for transportation projects are underway. These include plans by the Boston Planning and Development Agency and the MBTA. 

  • Focus on streets with key MBTA bus routes and bus stops that are more than a 10-min walk away from a subway station.

  • Combine physical amenities with programming (events, workshops, walk audits, etc.) to support the following Go Boston 2030 goals:

    • Expand access: Provide transportation options to people.

    • Focus on Experiential Quality: Create public spaces that feel welcoming, clean, and fun.

    • Advance Transparent Governance: Embrace broad resident participation and transparency in decision making

  • Expand the kit-of-parts to support two more Go Boston 2030 goals:

    • Leverage Innovation and Technology: Support new mobility technologies and innovations in shared transportation.

    • Build for Resiliency: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through modeshift.

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