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How we inspect airline scales to ensure accuracy

A look at how the Weights and Measures division inspects terminal scales at Logan Airport to ensure compliance.

To ensure your holiday travels are not weighing you down with overage fees at the luggage check-in station, our Sealers from the Weights and Measures division inspected several terminal scales at Logan Airport to ensure compliance.

These scales are used by airlines to weigh traveler’s luggage, ensuring that they are in compliance with their weight limit. Most airlines allow luggage to weigh 25-30 lbs without being penalized. However, if a luggage is found over the allotted weight, they could incur overage fees. This is where our Sealers step in to ensure luggage scales are providing an accurate reading. When conducting the inspection, our Sealers use 25-lb weights to test each scale up to 200lbs. Once the weight is placed on the scale the inspector will make sure the indicator reads the appropriate weight.

What can you do?

Travelers can purchase a handheld scale and weigh their luggage prior to arriving at the airport. This way if their luggage is over the allotted amount, they will have the opportunity to make some adjustments.  Thus far, our Sealers have inspected 262 scales and condemned 13 for non-compliance.

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