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Huntington Theatre will remain a cultural space

March 6, 2018

City Council

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City Council

The Council passed a message and order approving the City of Boston to accept the right to enforce a use restriction to ensure that the Huntington Theatre continues to be used as a theater or similar cultural use.

On Tuesday, the Committee on Arts, Culture and Special Events, chaired by Councilor Janey, held a hearing and heard testimony from representatives from the Mayor’s Office and the Boston Planning and Development Agency, who spoke in support of its passage.

QMG Huntington, the development company that owns the Huntington Theatre, is redeveloping two adjoining buildings into a single building adjacent to the Huntington Theatre. The new building will contain retail space, up to 426 residential units, and a new accessible entrance lobby serving the Huntington Theatre. Parts of the building will be used for residential and commercial use, but the Huntington Theatre will remain as a theater and cultural space for the community. QMG Huntington will give the Huntington Theatre Company a 100-year lease to use the lobby as an accessible entrance to the theater.