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Josiah Quincy School changing lives through music

December 7, 2018

City Council

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City Council

This week’s Council meeting was opened in a grand way with a musical performance by second and third graders from the Josiah Quincy School’s orchestra.

The mission of the Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program is to “ensure the long-term social and musical success of their students, and to positively impact them and their families through high-quality music education and performance.”

Councilor Flynn, who introduced the students before their performance, said, “These students are doing a great job with their orchestra and this program helps so many children develop the skills necessary to succeed in school and in music,” noting, “our arts [are] bringing us together.”

As a former violinist, Councilor Wu said, “I know how hard this is and I was not playing at this age, so kudos to the teaching fellows and the staff for not just teaching the students about music and how to play the instruments, but for [teaching them] skills that set them up in life, and for instilling such a love for learning and being in school.”

For a list of events where you can see the Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program, visit the Josiah Quincy website.