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June is LGBTQ pride month


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Human Resources

This month, we look at celebrating pride month, and highlighting resources for the LGBTQ community.

This June, we want to highlight and celebrate agencies and organizations devoted to serving Boston’s LGBTQ community.  As highlighted by the Boston Preservation Society, Boston has a long and complicated history with its LGBTQ citizens. While Massachusetts became the first state in 2004 to legalize gay marriage, this was in large part due to the advocacy, resiliency, and strength of the LGBTQ community in Boston and beyond.

Like many other marginalized people, COVID-19 has impacted access to services and connections. In the interest of fostering further connection and supports, this month we encourage you to check out the links listed below for those resources:

We at the Employee Assistance Program are here as needed for support and assistance during this time.  Stay healthy, stay safe.