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LinkedInsights: Ayanna Polk

In our new COB #LinkedInSights series, we introduce real City employees to provide a snapshot of who they are, what they do, and why they serve the City of Boston — so you can read, learn, connect, and grow your network one impactful public servant at a time.

Building a thoughtful and actionable professional network on LinkedIn can seem daunting. Who should you connect with and why? And how do you build a connection with the person behind the profile?

In this month’s edition of COB #LinkedInSights, we sit down with Ayanna Polk, the Director of Community Engagement and Communications in the Equity and Inclusion Cabinet

⭕ What do you like to be called?


⭕ What is your job title?

Director of Community Engagement and Communications in the Equity and Inclusion Cabinet

⭕ How long have you worked for the City?

May of 2020. Fun fact: my final interview was the last day City Hall was open before the shutdown!

⭕ What is your favorite part about working for the City?

My favorite part about working for the City is meeting new people and learning different ways to approach the work that we do. Boston is so diverse - there are so many different people that are within our City limits - the people I work with, community organizations, constituents, etc. I gain a new perspective and viewpoint each day.

⭕ Why did you choose this career path?

This is my first government role. Up to this point, I have always been a person that has had a strong focus on giving back. That has always been a theme for me, so it feels very natural to work in public service.

⭕ DO YOU HAVE A piece of advice FOR OTHERS?

Always be open to change and learning from others. I don't always have the right answers - it is very important to get input from others along the way. Also, I think you should always trust your gut.


In middle school, I was in a stained glass club! I got to use a bunch of these fancy tools and honestly, I kind of want to get back into it.

⭕ What are some things that you like to do outside of work? 

I like to wander around and find new places to go. I really like to try different restaurants. I am currently making a map of restaurants that I want to go to. 


Sing 2 - I love watching it with my nieces and nephews.


I would be able to communicate with anyone - speak any language and auto translate.

⭕ What keeps you motivated at work?

The people that are here to serve. The City of Boston is resource rich, there are people out there that benefit from the services each day. I am always motivated to create more opportunities for residents in Boston. P.S. also coffee!

⭕ What was the hardest interview question that you have ever had?

One time, in the middle of an interview, someone on the panel asked me where I got my suit from. It threw me off!


The spring and the fall are tied. I like the transitional seasons. I like when things are in bloom and I also like in the fall when it starts to cool down. All of the Massachusetts things that come with these seasons are great - I love the activities. 

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