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LinkedInsights: Chardline Chanel-Faiteau

In our new COB #LinkedInSights series, we introduce real City employees to provide a snapshot of who they are, what they do, and why they serve the City of Boston — so you can read, learn, connect, and grow your network one impactful public servant at a time.

Building a thoughtful and actionable professional network on LinkedIn can seem daunting. Who should you connect with and why? And how do you build a connection with the person behind the profile?

In this month’s edition of COB #LinkedInSights, we sit down with Chardline Chanel-FaiteauDigital Marketing Coordinator in the Department of Innovation and Technology.

⭕ What is your job title?

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Department of Innovation and Technology


I started my career with the City when I was 18-years-old. I have been a City employee under four different mayors! In 2008, I began my City Hall journey as an intern in the Mayor’s Scheduling Office. I then moved on to be Mayor Menino's part-time Personal Assistant and answered calls in the 5th floor reception area. From there, I became the City’s first Wage Gap Negotiation Trainer, and subsequently transitioned to MONUM for some time (Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics) and then Fair Housing. In addition, I worked in BCYF (Boston Centers for Youth and Families) as a Resource Development Manager.

Little by little, I have continued to find my place in City government. I currently work for the Department of Innovation and Technology and tell departmental stories using various digital mediums. Equity has always been the focal point of my work and I love having the keys and the tools to help folks navigate this City. 

I took part in the City of Boston’s Employee Development Scholarship Program and completed my master’s in City Planning from Boston University. In addition, the City of Boston has sponsored my participation in the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s Women's Leadership Program and The Partnership Inc. Fellows Leadership Program.


Greatest strength and greatest weakness. I was taught to answer the weakness aspect of the question with the steps I take to address my weaknesses. Is it still a weakness if you found a way to remedy it?


The people that I work with. I have always had amazing teams, leaders and mentors. People are always willing to help me develop my skills and let me try new things. In every position I’ve held, my supervisors ensured that I could grow and unearth new skills.

⭕ what is your superpower?

Compassion. It can harden someone's heart if they don’t feel like they belong. Having a compassionate heart allows me to level with people. I love being able to sympathize and understand people. Helping residents navigate the City, its resources, and people allows me to help people feel a sense of belonging. 

I am involved with BEN (Black Employee Network) and the Women’s Employee Resource Group. I like to understand and look for ways to make everyone feel included. This is everyone's city and everyone’s government. I don’t believe in gatekeeping, and I always find an opportunity to positively mention someone's name in a room.

⭕ favorite boston season and why? 

Fall! You see the leaves changing, Uggs are out, and Dunkin starts getting Fall festive with their offerings. That’s what New England is all about. Real Hocus Pocus energy. That’s what keeps me here.

⭕ what harry potter house are you?

Ravenclaw! Ravenclaw and proud.


I guess one of my fun facts is that I have a new love for running. I have partnered with running specific companies like Strava. I want to encourage people to start running as a form of self care. Historically, plus size/big and tall body types were never depicted in ads for running. This is why I choose to publicize my running journey - to encourage those who always felt that they couldn’t be runners due to their size and lack of body diversity in running communities. City Hall Run Club is beginning again, and I am excited to get involved and meet new people.

⭕ what keeps you motivated at work?

As a child of immigrant parents, I want to help people find resources that my parents struggled to find. I want to make everyone feel welcome, supported and comfortable navigating the systems here.

⭕ how do you encourage folks to get involved IN the black employee network (ben) and what are you working on right now?

We are currently running a professional development series and showing folks how to maximize LinkedIn and enhance their network. In addition, we are actively looking for ways to engage Black employees through survey research, hosting tables at various City buildings, and offering support.


I love doing Boston restaurant, hotel, and attraction visits and sharing the content with my audience. I am a digital content creator both inside and outside of work. My audience is predominantly people that look like me. A lot of times folks are used to things in their own neighborhoods but I like to share experiences all over Boston to encourage people to look beyond their norm. Boston belongs to ALL of us. I also love to help highlight the great places that tourists can visit in Roxbury and Dorchester.


Forrest Gump! I only recently saw it.


It chose me! At one point, I was hyper focused on being a lawyer, but I decided that public service was the best path for me to help the community. At 16-years-old, my interest in community organizing and public service started to bloom while I was on the Mayor’s Youth Council. I saw this as an opportunity to help people and ultimately, it led me to this career path.  

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