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Local area events and resources for the Holidays

This holiday season, we share links local area events, financial resource pages for bills and gifts, and volunteer opportunities. 

For many, 2021 continued to offer significant challenges, financially, mentally, and otherwise, in the midst of an ongoing pandemic.  The holiday season for many is a time of rest, connection and gratitude, but it can also be a time of added stress, worry, and grief for others.   We recommend using the end of the year to take time to connect with friends and loved ones, to consider a volunteer opportunity, or to make use of community resources as needed to ensure the best holiday season possible.   We wanted to continue our tradition of listing the Boston area’s largest events, charities, volunteer opportunities, resources, and community and professional supports.  

As always, please reach out to us at the EAP if you have any questions or want further resources for the holidays.    Have a safe and warm holiday season.

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